Bill Kassul

Bill Kassul


The Ranger Specialty Income Fund. His primary focus is on marketing the fund and creating strategic partnerships with leading and emerging peer-to-peer lending platforms. Mr. Kassul was recently named to the advisory board for the new P2P Lending & Investing Summit, which will be held in New York City on October 6th.

Prior to joining Ranger Capital Group, Mr. Kassul was the Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Wizetrade. Mr. Kassul spearheaded a campaign to re-brand and enhance the reputation of the Wizetrade through strategic relationships with broker dealers and financial websites as well as launching Wizetrade TV, one of the first IP TV networks.

Mr. Kassul has served in a variety of senior-level marketing and sales management positions on behalf of various technology companies such as Traders Marketing, Lucid 3-D, Mind Path Technologies and EM Golf, where he was instrumental in re-marketing distressed golf course tee time inventory through online partners and over 30 regional newspapers. Mr. Kassul also served as an Account Executive at The Richards Group, where he oversaw a variety of marketing and advertising roles on behalf of companies such as Wyndham Hotels & Resorts.

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