CEO John Bowen founded CEG Worldwide in 2000, with the goal of bringing to bear the lessons he had learned during his career for the benefit of financial advisors and the institutions that work with advisors. His 26 years as a financial advisor and investment firm CEO had taught Bowen that many advisors lacked the high-quality empirical data and pragmatic business experience necessary to build hugely successful businesses. Bowen founded CEG Worldwide to fill that void, with the belief that providing advisors and institutions with research about the best practices of top elite advisors—and the coaching to use these practices effectively—would help them achieve new levels of success.

CEG Worldwide represents the culmination of Bowen's unique financial services industry experience. That experience encompasses a career as a financial advisor, including eight years as CEO of Reinhardt Werba Bowen Advisory Services, where he helped manage more than $1.6 billion in assets. Bowen sold that company and subsequently became CEO of Assante Capital Management. He served as a member of Assante's senior team as the firm more than tripled assets under management to more than $25 billion. Through these experiences, Bowen learned firsthand the best practices necessary to achieve substantial success. He also learned that the vast majority of advisors and institutions lacked this roadmap to build a simple and elegant practice—so he founded CEG Worldwide to provide other advisors and institutions the lessons CEG Worldwide's ongoing research and his experience had taught him.

Bowen is widely recognized as a leader in the financial services industry. He writes a highly acclaimed monthly column for the leading U.S. financial services trade journal, Financial Planning. He is the author or co-author of several books, including Breaking Through: Building a World-Class Wealth Management Business, The Prudent Investor's Guide to Beating Wall Street at Its Own Game and Creating Equity: How to Build a Hugely Successful Asset Management Business.

Bowen received his BS degree in economics from the State University of New York Fredonia, an MBA in taxation from Golden Gate University and a master's degree in financial services from The American College.

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