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Identify your prospects and seek them out on their turf, experts say.
Critical components of the process include determining services to be rendered, fees and communication plans.
Advisors can benefit only if they actually interact and then follow up.
Advisors should part ways with clients who no longer agree with the investment strategy or have become too argumentative or demanding, experts say.
Provide informative and entertaining tidbits to engage clients and attract new ones.
If you only have a few clients or you don't yet have any you'll need to plan to bring in additional income for at least a time.
Advisors may want to help clients research charitable giving, which overall could top $8 trillion as more baby boomers retire, according to a new study from Merrill Lynch and Age Wave. Advisors can help clients with their research.
Advisors should prepare their clients for the challenges of estate planning for second marriages, particularly for blended families.
Munis are a great option for high-income taxpayers, but be mindful of the AMT.
These are now less common as an estate must have more than $10.8 million to be taxed.
For starters, these may be subject to the 3.8% net investment income tax.
Clients can consider gifting up to $14,000 to as many individuals each year before gift taxes kick in.
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