Meg Green

Meg Green

Meg founded Meg Green & Associates in 1984 after looking in vain for the type of firm she believed in. Today, she’s proud to be the CEO of a company that tends to over 200 families, manages and provides investment advice for over $550 million dollars in assets and has been heralded as one of the most outstanding wealth management firms in the nation.

Meg consults with clients daily to help architect and implement their financial plans and works closely with clients other advisors, including attorneys and CPAs, to ensure the entire team is coordinated. Meg also advises on many personal and business matters as they relate to families and individuals. Recently, she has expanded their very unique brand of Wealth Management to the Los Angeles area.

Meg entered the financial services industry in 1979, and not long afterward was hired by South Florida’s WIOD Radio, to broadcast weekly call-in shows about money. That quickly led to a national show, enabling Meg to bring money “out of the closet” to listeners everywhere. Switching over to television in the early ‘90s, Meg became WTVJ NBC 6’s Financial Expert, where she offered callers and viewers advice during her Meg Green On Money live segment. Meg continues to answer readers’ questions about money in The Miami Herald Business section.

Since 2006, Meg has been ranked in Barron’s as one of the top 100 Women Financial advisors. In 2010 she ranked #4 in Florida of the Top 1000 financial Advisors nationally.

Besides her many charitable ventures & contributions, Meg spends her leisure time relaxing at her vacation home in Los Cabos, Mexico with her husband Richard, and enjoying the musical careers of her two grown children, Robbie and Abby Gennet, and son-in-law Brett Scallions. Being Grandmother to little Jagger and new grandson Sawyer is her best role yet.

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