Ask Ed Slott

IRA expert looks at potential pitfalls when converting an IRA to a Roth IRA and distributions are required.

Our IRA expert looks at what happens to required minimum distributions the recipient of an inherited IRA.

Our IRA expert answers questions about the number of recharacterizations allowed, earned income contribution rules and how to purchase annuities without a tax hit.

Our IRA expert answers questions about the IRS's 6% penalty on excess IRA contributions and the five-year clock on Roth IRA fund transfers.

Our IRA expert answers questions on maxing out contributions to 457 and SEP plans and beneficiary arrangements for 403(b) plans and Roth 401(k)s.

My wife and I have just one grandchild from one of our two sons (with no current plans for a second). The other son and wife are trying but no luck yet.

For both Roth conversions and required minimum distribution purposes, be sure that the value placed on your investment is one that would pass IRS scrutiny.

If the funds in a taxable IRA are used to purchase an immediate annuity, what impact does that have on required minimum distributions? IRA expert Ed Slott answer this question and others.

Our IRA expert answers questions on recharacterizations, the withdrawal penalty and the 5-year rule.

Our IRA expert answers questions on using severance pay as an after-tax contribution to a 401(k), non-cash required minimum distributions and after-tax 401(k) rollovers.

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