Asked and Answered: How Social Media Can Take Your Practice to the Next Level

Danielle Reed
April 23, 2012

Online and mobile social connectivity is now fully integrated into the modern way of life for your clients. If it is important to clients, it should be important to advisors, says Mike Langford, senior social business strategist at Socialware.

Asked and Answered: Is Your Practice Referral-Worthy?

Danielle Reed
April 16, 2012

While most advisors do focus on generating referrals, many forget to spend time figuring out whether their businesses are worthy of getting those referrals in the first place, says Ken Unger, advisor coach and president of Million Dollar Producer.

Asked and Answered: Boost Your Business By Understanding the Wealth Cycle

Danielle Reed
April 9, 2012

The one-size-fits-all approach to advice and investing won’t work, says John Anderson, head of practice management solutions at SEI Advisor Network. The real question isn’t whether clients will change, but rather whether your business will change.

Asked and Answered: What’s the Value of REITs in a Portfolio?

Danielle Reed
April 2, 2012

Real estate may be cyclical, but having exposure to real estate — especially commercial real estate — in a portfolio as an alternative source of income can be beneficial. What’s the best way to evaluate whether it makes sense for a client?

Asked and Answered: Can RIAs Go Independent Without Going It Alone?

Danielle Reed
March 26, 2012

The advantages of having both an RIA and broker-dealer relationship include ownership of the business while having the support of a full service broker-dealer.
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