Buying a Practice? 5 Important Valuation Questions

Matthew Halloran
November 19, 2013

The selling advisor tends to think their practice is worth a lot more than it may be. Here are five things to ask the selling advisor and the appraiser before you buy a practice.

Stop Guessing: Ask What Clients Want

Matthew Halloran
July 9, 2013

For many years top advisors have been telling you what clients want and need, how best to communicate, what types of events to host, all the way down to what to wear. But the only way one can really know, is by asking clients and prospects directly write advisor coach Matthew Halloran.

Will Delegation Help You Succeed?

Matthew Halloran
March 24, 2013

There are great lists out there to tell you as the advisor/owner/founder what you should delegate and to whom, according to Matthew Halloran. Paperwork, compliance, management, asset management, and marketing are things you all will try to delegate, and still you wonder why you are now growing as fast as you would like.

What Does Tax Deal Mean for Charitable Planning?

Matthew Halloran
January 17, 2013

Thomas Lee, the creator of the GIVE Strategy, explains how you can use the new tax deal to grow your practice.
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