Going Platinum

If there is no silver bullet, what actions should be taken by an advisor who wants to grow his or her business? Put simply, give clients what they need, and they will give you what you need.

Itís human nature to size up people and businesses based on what we see and experience during our interactions with them online, in print, or face-to-face. Advisors should use branding to communicate their core values, differentiate themselves from competitors, and reinforce that their products and services are the ones best suited to meet client needs.

Do you know what Wednesday is? Itís National Administrative Professionals day! Are you planning to do anything for the assistant who takes such good care of you and your clients?

For many advisors, social media compliance is confusing and scary. The good news, however, is that the regulators are hastening to provide significant clarification and guidance. But what does it all really mean?

Everything financial advisors wanted to know about LinkedIn, but were afraid to ask.

Twitter is arguably the Internetís most powerful tool for conducting real-time conversations online. Here are a few reasons to consider using Twitter, and how to make it work in your practice.

Robert Sofia says that the social network is important for advisors, but if you cannot (or will not) approach it properly, donít bother.

Every once in a while, advisors are presented with special opportunities to build trust and win client loyalty. Itís when clients are feeling excessive fear, uncertainty, or doubt, that it is your responsibility to reassure them, educate them, and guide them. With so many factors impacting your clients right now, what do they need from you?

Have you ever wondered how some financial advisors manage to get all their business from referrals? Despite what some people may tell you, simply asking for referrals isnít enough. Here are 8 surefire ways to fill your prospect pipeline in 2013.

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