Keeping In Front Of Clients, Prospects

Marie Swift
July 30, 2012

Marketing expert Marie Swifts says creative events help savvy financial advisors build top-of-mind awareness and relationships that last.

Advisors: Ramp Up Your Marketing – Now

Marie Swift
July 3, 2012

Marketing expert Marie Swift says that if you believe that your brand of personal advice and investment acumen needs to find its way into the lives of more right-fit clients, stop procrastinating and pick a couple marketing initiatives to start now.

The Importance of Storytelling For Advisors

Marie Swift
June 18, 2012

Marketing expert Marie Swift says financial advisors who find their voice and unleash their personal story will rise to new heights as they capture the attention and hearts of their audience and influence key decision-makers in their communities.

Six Steps to Convert Prospects Into Clients

Marie Swift
May 29, 2012

Marketing expert Marie Swift says savvy financial advisors know that they must create an effective program that engages leads, builds rapport and converts prospects into lifelong clients. Here’s how one savvy financial planner is doing just that.

Avoiding Sales Purgatory

Marie Swift
May 16, 2012

Marketing expert Marie Swift explains how an automated process can help you create a conversation and keep the connection alive until your prospects are ready to wade into the water with you.

Finding Your Social Media Groove

Marie Swift
May 7, 2012

Marketing expert Marie Swift says social media sites are one of the best places to build and maintain strong relationships with clients and prospective clients. Here are some tips and advice from the recent Women Advisors Forum in New York to build your brand online.

Essential Tips to Help Advisors Protect Their 'Webutation'

Marie Swift
April 23, 2012

It has always been important for advisors to build and manage their brand. But the proliferation and popularity of social media makes minding your online reputation more essential than ever.

Using Credibility Marketing to Enhance Your Reputation and Build Buzz

Marie Swift
April 9, 2012

Marketing expert Marie Swift says establishing and continually increasing credibility is essential for today’s financial advisors. Here are some tips to help build your reputation and increase your buzz factor.

Keeping Your Pipeline Full

Marie Swift
March 28, 2012

Marketing expert Marie Swift says advisors need to be proactive and creative to keep their reservoirs of new business from drying up.

Three Things Financial Advisors Can Do To Avoid an Extended Dry Spell

Marie Swift
March 19, 2012

Marketing expert Marie Swift says keeping your client pipeline full is both an art and a science. Here are some three things advisors should be doing now to prevent a dry spell.

How Advisors Can Be More Creative, Intuitive and Articulate

Marie Swift
March 13, 2012

Marketing expert Marie Swift offers up some tips for advisors looking to restore their creativity, intuition and communications skills.

Choosing the Right Niches Can Produce Big Results for Financial Advisors

Marie Swift
March 7, 2012

Marketing expert Marie Swift says niche marketing cannot only help advisors attract significantly more business, but also provide richer opportunities for self-expression.

How Advisors Can Use Video, Multimedia to Connect With Clients

Marie Swift
February 13, 2012

Marketing expert Marie Swift says financial advisors who embrace videos, podcasts, recorded multimedia presentations and live online meetings can connect and build rapport with clients in a fraction of the time and more cost effectively than ever before.

Six Reasons Advisors Need to Include Social Media in Their Marketing Plans

Marie Swift
January 30, 2012

Marketing expert Marie Swift says forward-thinking financial advisors are incorporating social media into their marketing plans. Are you doing enough online to remain competitive?

Using a Social Media Strategy to Build Relationships Online

Marie Swift
January 23, 2012

Marketing expert Marie Swift says some advisors are realizing success using today’s interactive, real-time web to amplify their voice and position themselves not just as thought leaders but as social creatures on a mission to educate the public on all things financial.

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