Seminars, Events Can Yield Bumper Crop of New Clients, Centers of Influence

Marie Swift
January 9, 2012

Marketing expert Marie Swift shares some ideas for riding the retirement wave, appealing to allied professionals and building name recognition within specific communities of interest.

Event Marketing Can Deliver Advisors New Business, Positive PR

Marie Swift
January 3, 2012

Marketing expert Marie Swift says events can be a great way to help enhance relationships with current clients, position yourself in front of qualified prospects, and build important mutually beneficial relationships with centers of influence.

Strategies That Can Produce New Business for Advisors

Marie Swift
December 27, 2011

This week, marketing expert Marie Swift examines some of the best ways financial advisors can get face time with their clients and qualified prospects.

The STP Approach to Business Building for Financial Advisors

Marie Swift
December 19, 2011

Even in the digital age, nothing beats the “see the people” approach. This week, marketing expert Marie Swift shares two advisor success stories and how they are automating the referral process and supplementing their in-person communications with new media.

Publishing, Media Participation Can Boost Advisors’ Credibility

Marie Swift
December 12, 2011

Marketing expert Marie Swift says financial advisors who publish articles and engage with the press increase their credibility and give clients and potential clients something to talk about.

How Advisors Can Develop a Good Positioning Statement

Marie Swift
December 5, 2011

Marketing expert Marie Swift says creating perceptions in the listener’s mind is an important marketing aspect for financial advisors. A good “elevator speech” is a succinct way to tell your story and distinguish you from others. It's also a way to qualify potential clients and to generate referrals, with an oft-overlooked bonus: confidence.

Niche Marketing Strategies for Financial Advisors

Marie Swift
November 28, 2011

Marketing professionals are quick to suggest that the best way to find success as a financial advisor is niche marketing. Marketing expert Marie Swift delves into exactly what niche marketing is and why advisors should care.

Two Must-Have Pieces in the Smart Advisor’s Marketing Toolkit

Marie Swift
November 21, 2011

Marketing expert Marie Swift says the end of the year is a perfect time to review everything in an advisor’s marketing toolkit. This week, she talks about the importance and value of the power bio and the core issues article.

A Financial Advisor’s Toolkit for Creating the 'Wow' Factor

Marie Swift
November 14, 2011

Marketing expert Marie Swift says its time for bloggers, tweeps, LinkedIn and Facebook addicts to take a timeout and realize that while building a positive online presence is important, it’s also crucial for financial advisors to think about their overall business image.

Marketing Ideas From -- And For -- Smart Financial Advisors

Marie Swift
November 1, 2011

Marketing expert Marie Swift says the “Marketing Ideas, Rapid Fire” session at the recent Garrett Planning Network annual retreat yielded a bunch of winning marketing ideas for financial advisors. Which ones can you or your firm implement right now?

Positioning Essentials for Financial Advisors

Marie Swift
October 17, 2011

Sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference. If you’re like most financial advisors, you are ultra-busy serving your clients and generating new business. But have you handled the marketing fundamentals? Columnist and marketing expert Marie Swift delves into two marketing fundamentals that should not be ignored: the power bio and the prospect profile. Ignore them and suffer the consequences.

Retaining Valued Clients in Tough Times

Marie Swift
October 11, 2011

Among financial planners’ greatest concerns in this turbulent environment is retaining valued clients. In this high-tech era, marketing expert Marie Swift says planners should balance high-tech communications with truly “high-touch” communications.

Marketing That Works for Today's Financial Advisors

Marie Swift
October 4, 2011

Marketing expert Marie Swift details a strategy that works for financial advisors and allied professionals who are interested in serving families with significant wealth. And while this strategy works especially well for that demographic, the truly high-net-worth crowd, there are also applications for advisors who serve the middle-market millionaire and mass affluent.

Follow The 3 M’s Process For Marketing Success

Marie Swift
September 26, 2011

Professional marketers and smart advisors always tackle the “The 3 M’s” of marketing before they do any serious outreach. The 3 M’s are the foundational elements of all good marketing. However, according to marketing expert Marie Swift, it’s a very common error for many entrepreneurs and small business people to start with the wrong “M.” The problem with that is, it rarely, if ever works.

The Amish Kitchen Strategy

Marie Swift
September 19, 2011

Using a LifeBio Event can help financial advisors strengthen client bonds and connect with their heirs. Here is how one advisor created a “Norman Rockwell” experience for his very best clients and their special guests. It’s a smart way to build bridges and engage the next generation while positioning yourself as the advisor of choice. You can do it too.

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