The Next Level

Even when the long-term market trend is defined by falling inflation-adjusted prices, despite short-term ups and downs, there may be opportunities to root out profits.

In a highly regulated and competitive market, how do you stand out? Itís about your brand, David Avrin, the Visibility Coach, told advisors at Fidelityís Inside Track conference in New York City on Thursday.

An article on the topic Tuesday generated a lot of buzz on Twitter and resulted in an interesting discussion about best practices for financial advisors when communicating with wealthier clients.

Share your thoughts on engaging women clients. Is it different?

Year-end plan reviews are the perfect time to demonstrate your value and address any concerns your plan sponsor clients may have, Bob Kaplan, ING U.S.ís National Retirement Consultant, told advisors during a webinar.

Buying high and selling low isnít a portfolio-damaging behavior that only investors struggle with.

Financial Planning talked with ING Financial Partners president, Karl Lindberg, about why a solid understanding of retirement income planning is so important for advisors and their practices.

While many major financial firms and residents have geared up for Hurricane Sandy and its potentially devastating impact, are advisors and their practices ready for such inclement weather? Do they know what to do? Jude Boudreaux, an advisor whose practice, Upperline Financial, based in New Orleans, has some tips.

Invesco recently announced the launch of a new application intended for financial intermediaries and investors. Though it's still a bit early to tell how much advisors and clients will like and use the app, the good news for Invesco is that advisor tech expert Bill Winterberg gives this app a passing grade.

A better informed, better educated assistant, can help an advisor improve his practice exponentially.

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