7 Essential Rules for Building Your Business

Shirl Penney
May 22, 2013

Building your own business, even with a team of experts behind you, requires making tough decisions regarding resources, clients and employees. But most of all it requires leadership. Dynasty's CEO Shirl Penney offers a few lessons his firm has learned as it continue to build a business.

Powering Your Growth as an Independent Advisor

Shirl Penney
March 7, 2013

Growth can mean a number of things: professional development, growing assets, increasing enterprise value of the business, raising revenue or expanding profits. Shirl Penney examines a few lessons learned from the Dynasty Network on what advisors are doing to raise revenues and widen margins.

Legal Hurdles Facing RIAs

Shirl Penney
February 14, 2013

Legal and regulatory considerations on the path to independence.

Own Your Brand, Be Your Brand

Shirl Penney
January 8, 2013

How important is naming, branding, promoting and marketing? For some independent advisors who came to independence from larger employee advisor models, you may not have thought as much about your brand in the past. As an independent firm in a growing and increasingly competitive landscape, itís important to recognize that you are building a brand as much as a business.

RIA Tuck-Ins: Independence Made Even Easier

Shirl Penney
November 8, 2012

If there is a constant in the investment advisory landscape, itís change. And few things are changing faster than the independent sphere.

Things to Consider When Considering Independence: An FAQ for Advisors

Shirl Penney
September 25, 2012

As the trend toward independence continues, the opportunities raise questions from those advisors who are considering making the move. Shirl Penney of Dynasty Financial has created a helpful list of frequently asked question (and answers) for advisors who are thinking about going independent.

Coaching & Mentoring: When You're Good, You're Always Learning

Shirl Penney
September 5, 2012

Even the best independent financial advisors can benefit from an occasional or even regular program of coaching and mentoring. It sometimes takes an outsider with a fresh perspective to see the best way for you to take your team and your practice to the next level.
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