What Type of Advisor Are You?

Steve Sanduski
May 17, 2012

There are two types of independent financial advisors: the income statement entrepreneur and the balance sheet entrepreneur. Steve Sanduski asks: which one are you and why?

What It Takes To Be a Champion: Lessons for Advisors

Steve Sanduski
April 10, 2012

Steve Sanduski, The Prosperous Advisor, says that advisors who want to reach the pinnacle of their profession need to make sure the “under the hood” of their office is as excellent as the shiny exterior their clients see.

The Little Secret That Could Be Killing Your Business

Steve Sanduski
March 29, 2012

Steve Sanduski, The Prosperous Advisor, says advisors who fall victim to confirmation bias could be doing themselves and their clients a great disservice.

How to Break Out of a Production Plateau

Steve Sanduski
March 6, 2012

Steve Sanduski, The Prosperous Advisor, offers up five suggestions for financial advisors who have successfully grown their business for years but now find themselves stuck and unable to achieve the level of success they truly desire.

Stuck in a Rut? Five Ways Advisors Can Get Their Groove Back

Steve Sanduski
February 9, 2012

Steve Sanduski, The Prosperous Advisor, says too many advisors are stuck in a pattern that’s keeping them from making new connections and reaching their full potential. Here are five tips to help break that cycle.

Tips For CEOs Who Want to Take Their Advisory Firms to the Next Level

Steve Sanduski
January 18, 2012

Steve Sanduski, The Prosperous Advisor, offers up advice for fast-growing firms experiencing “big company” issues that can either derail their practices or, if handled properly, start them on a new growth curve.

Do You Have the Right 'Why?'

Steve Sanduski
January 5, 2012

Steve Sanduski, the Prosperous Advisor, says it’s important for financial advisors who want to succeed to understand the “why” behind each of their goals. They also must ask themselves if they’re setting these goals for the right reasons and whether they’re in the best interests of their clients.

Are You Galloping Toward Greatness or Standing Still?

Steve Sanduski
November 10, 2011

Typically, it takes a storm to disengage the autopilot and force advisors into making positive changes in their life. But Steve Sanduski, the Prosperous Advisor, says it’s important for financial advisors to be proactive about improving their lives and their practice before it’s too late.

Simple Power Phrases That Turn Prospects Into Clients

Steve Sanduski
October 11, 2011

Steve Sanduski, the Prosperous Advisor, says advisors should use the English language in inspirational ways to motivate prospects and get them off the fence to become a client. He’s not talking about slick manipulation but about choosing your words carefully so you succinctly impart your message and create a positive feeling and mental picture in your prospect’s mind.

China’s Impact on the World Stage – Part III

Steve Sanduski
September 22, 2011

From the 1960s to the 1980s, Japan was on a roll. They had one of the highest economic growth rates in the world. Their manufacturing prowess grew to be the envy of the world. Their stock market soared 373 percent between 1980 and its peak in 1989. And, like China today, there were predictions that Japan would overtake the United States as the largest economy in the world. But, as The Prosperous Advisor Steve Sanduski points out, times sure have changed.

China’s Impact on the World Stage -- Part II

Steve Sanduski
September 1, 2011

In Part Two of this series on China, I’ll look at the massive build out within China and see if this fixed investment boom is sustainable. If the building boom ends, it could cause a worldwide economic slowdown.

China’s Impact on the World Stage -- Part I

Steve Sanduski
August 4, 2011

I’d like to share with you some personal observations about what’s happening in China based on my recent visit to Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai and Hong Kong. While there as a tourist, I made a point of talking to the locals and keeping my eyes and ears open for anything that would help me figure out whether this Chinese growth story will save the world economy or whether it’s a bubble ready to burst.

Turn Your Knowing Into Doing and Get Results Part 2

Steve Sanduski
May 12, 2011

The key is turning that overriding motivation into actual results in the real world.

Turn Your Knowing Into Doing and Get Results

Steve Sanduski
May 5, 2011

Here’s a sad truth—you can spend your days absorbing knowledge and becoming very intelligent, but if you don’t do anything with that knowledge, you’re no better off than somebody else who sat around eating popcorn and watching reruns of Fantasy Island.

Is Success as Simple as Copying What Other Successful People Do?

Steve Sanduski
April 21, 2011

Forget reinventing the wheel. Just copy what other top producers are doing. Better yet, hire a coach who has already identified those “best practices” and then pay them a fee to share the ideas and hold you accountable for implementing them. Is that really the key to success as an advisor?

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