Sinking or Surging: 5 Takeaways for Clients and Advisors During Market Volatility

Jonathan Clements
August 25, 2015

Volatile times can be scary, but clients may be more prepared than they think they are -- helping them realize that will make riding out the tough times a lot easier, columnist Jonathan Clements says.

In Times of Volatility, Handle Clients with Extra Care

Kimberly Foss
August 24, 2015

Emotions might get the best of some investors in light of all the bad news. Here are the strategies I've used to guide my clients since the market correction began.

In a Market Correction, Jittery Millennial Investors Need Education

Dave Grant
August 24, 2015

Advisors can show their worth by making time to help clients understand how to manage the unexpected.

What Market Worries? Not a Single Client Called Me

Allan S. Roth
August 24, 2015

Despite a sudden market correction, I didn't hear from panicked investors. That's because I've made them understand in these situations you must work through the pain to profit.

5 Client Gifts That Keep on Giving

Craig Faulkner
August 20, 2015

Some client gifts never lose their value. Event tickets, investment books and personalized items can actually help build stronger relationships.

Doctors Need to Check Their Own Financial Health

Evan Welch
July 29, 2015

It's important to educate doctors before they start receiving large paychecks so they can make informed financial decisions as their incomes climb. Here's how one firm has tackled this issue.

When Black Swans Meet Robos

Daniel Satchkov
July 28, 2015

Almost all robo advisors were founded in 2009 or later and they have never seen a meaningful downturn in the financial markets. This is a major issue.

Why FINRA's Broker-Comp Rule Proposal Works for Advisors

Michael King
July 2, 2015

Analysis: The original version put financial advisors under onerous requirements that I have not heard of any other industry having, writes recruiter Michael King.

Smart Tax and Estate Planning Tips for LGBT Couples

Scott Grenier
June 30, 2015

There are myriad financial and estate planning issues that must be re-evaluated to ensure tax efficiency and wealth transfer continuity. Here's what advisors should consider.

Gay Marriage Ruling: 5 Estate Planning Steps for Clients

Matthew McClintock
June 26, 2015

The landmark Supreme Court decision means same-sex spouses are now entitled to equal protection under the laws of every state, but it's still vital to plan proactively, writes attorney Matthew T. McClintock.

Retirement Planning: Can We Do Better for Clients?

Allan S. Roth
June 25, 2015

Analysis: The advisor's role goes beyond getting clients to save more for retirement.

Fed's Coming Policy Shifts Won't Ruin Bond Markets

Mark Gilbert
June 15, 2015

With the Federal Reserve poised to unleash its first interest rate increase in almost a decade there's a debate among investors about whether the past is any guide to how markets will react to a monetary tightening.

Gifting Assets? 4 Questions to Help Clients Decide

Tracy Craig
May 27, 2015

While gifting can have important benefits, not every client will be in favor of it, no matter how many good reasons exist.

3 Things Clients Get Wrong on Social Security

Paul Norr
May 26, 2015

Benefits grow approximately 8% for each year between 62 and 70 that clients delay filing for Social Security, and future benefits will include cost of living increases. So why aren't clients taking advantage?

4 Ways to Be a Better Leader

Steve Sanduski
May 21, 2015

Focus on being the leader people want to follow and on having the right people in the right job, doing the right work.

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