Online, But Trying to Be More Than Just a Robo
Striking a balance between the emerging and traditional realms of investing is where Motif Investing sees its niche, says its co-founder and CEO Hardeep Walia.
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Vanguard says assets in its Personal Advisor Services start up, still in the pilot phase with no paid advertising support, rose from $755 million in 2013 to $10.1 billion at the end of last year. more »
The standard practice of beta testing in the software industry clashes hard against banking culture, says one PFM software development veteran, where executives fear that a wonky app could mean customer attrition. more »
The "freemium" model that transformed Rovio from a game developer into a $200 million entertainment company is what firms like FutureAdvisor are relying on to disrupt the traditional fee-driven model of wealth management. more »
CEO Jon Stein remembers when nobody listened to his message that automated investing was going to catch on with investors. He's not hurting for money anymore -- and he wants to take your business. more »
“We were worried [advisors] would be at a competitive disadvantage," says Bernie Clark, Schwab Advisor Services' executive vice president. more »
Online competitors like Wealthfront and Betterment are taking issue with Schwab's characterization of its automated investment service as cheaper, better and not just skewed to millennial investors. more »
Over two years, the number of $1 million-plus accounts jumps to more than 72,379 as a result of sustained saving efforts. more »
Pershing's failures "exposed customer funds and securities to risk," according to FINRA. more »
A trio of top custodial executives discussing big trends for the RIA sector downplayed the term -- at least as a marketing advantage -- during a panel this week at the MarketCounsel summit in Las Vegas. more »
The custodian giant announced Monday a redesign of its online Education Center that allows advisors to earn continuing-education credits while also boosting their own knowledge. more »
A new RIA in North Carolina formed by three recently departed wirehouse advisors has chosen to affiliate with Raymond James' custodian group. more »
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