From the Editor: Investors Repeating Same Mistakes
Despite the explosion of data and the ability to look up almost anything instantly, investors are inexplicably adept at buying high and selling low.
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Only one-third of wealthy clients say their advisors are talking with them about planning for longevity risk, according to a new U.S. Trust study. more »
Trust is integral to any advisor-client relationship -- but what happens when clients hold back information that's critical to their financial health? more »
Clients are advised to name a beneficiary and back-up beneficiary of their accounts, and designating a trust is a good option if there are children from a previous marriage; Plus, how to prepare for a long retirement. more »
The ranks of the ultrawealthy are graying, and many are trying to figure out what their legacy will be. more »
Several of Steve Janachowski's clients are wealthy professionals with high incomes, but a lot of retirement uncertainty. more »
Enhanced programs will likely include financial planners. The initiative follows earlier legislation prompted by a Financial Planning investigation. more »
Forget about their growing accounts -- that's just one of the reasons Gen Y is a wothy crowd to pursue, say young planners who target this market. more »
Individuals don't need to talk to an insurance provider about long-term care, they need to talk to a financial advisor. more »
All types of care -- in-home care, adult day care, and facilities-based care -- are getting more expensive. But not all costs are rising at the same rate. See the latest data. more »
The investment industry has an age discrimination problem, and millennials and Generation X are bearing the brunt of it. more »
The common experiences of this younger generation makes them a different type of client than the traditional U.S. investors. more »
For advisors whose clients want some of their assets in real property, the current rebound creates both opportunities and challenges. Want to understand these clients a little better? A recent survey took a deep look at investment real estate buyers and identified several characteristics that set them apart. more »
More than half of global employers surveyed by Vanguard say they intend to boost company contributions to 401(k) plans in the next five years; Plus, almost half of American workers (45%) are not saving for retirement. more »
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