The Cost of Unforeseen Expenses: Retirement Scan
Investment costs, including inflation, can put a heavier dent on retirement income than many clients realize; Plus, can downsizing save a client's retirement?
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Robo advisors say they managed the downturn with little pressure from clients. Some in the industry wonder if that was a good thing. more »
The federal government is calling on comments for its proposal to allow Medicare to cover physicians' fees for discussing end-of-life issues with beneficiaries; Plus, how to transfer inherited IRAs. more »
Betterment data scientist Sam Swift asks advisors: "How do you know how much you've helped [clients] with your advice?" more »
Retirees who can no longer afford to settle their debts because of job loss, business failure and other misfortunes may seek a one-time-payment settlement with their creditors; Plus, ways in which retirees can tap their portfolio using various strategies. more »
Taking a required minimum distribution from a retirement account to satisfy the RMD of another account is allowed only if both accounts are traditional noninherited IRAs or noninherited 403(b) plans; Plus, how to decide between a 401(k) and an IRA when saving for retirement. more »
A 1035 Exchange is a good option for clients who wish to replace their old annuity with a new policy that offers a better package; Plus, a three-step plan to getting the retirement income clients need. more »
Dividends that increase consistently over the long-term also have their pay-offs over shorter cycles. more »
Why retirees whose premiums that are not deducted from Social Security payments can expect an increase next year; Plus, explaining the menu of income annuity features and options. more »
Nearly a dozen Democratic state senators express their concerns over the Obama administration's proposed changes to the fiduciary standard; plus the crazy way Social Security punishes spouses who claim early benefits. more »
Clients can avoid risk by replacing low-yield bonds in their portfolio with high-dividend stocks; plus how and when clients should apply for Social Security and why parent education loans can ruin your clients' retirement. more »
Clients planning to retire with adequate savings are advised to reduce their spending and develop a strategy to lower their tax burden; Plus, how clients should decide on the right 401(k) and are baby boomers too optimistic about retirement? more »
Take a more strategic look at the role of Social Security benefits in your clients' retirement accounts; Plus, how to play catch-up with your clients' retirement savings and the rules for making penalty-free withdrawals. more »
Index funds are surging in popularity, but most advisors continue to favor a blend of active and passive investment strategies. more »
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