What's Hot & What's Not in Equity Funds
A review of year-to-date trading activity of U.S. diversified equity mutual funds spots trends that advisors and clients can use to identify the biggest sector movements.
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Top equity market investments in real estate over the past five years. more »
To help clients envision their long-term needs, show them how much more they can receive from the government if they wait longer to file for benefits; Plus, reverse mortgage can help in the right situations. more »
Clients who are considering taking student loans should compare the interest rates with their investment returns before making a decision; Plus, how Americans are missing out on $24 billion a year. more »
Values-based investing has gained traction in the fund industry. One fund provider brings a faith-based layer to that approach, and has found market and success doing so. more »
For advisors whose clients want some of their assets in real property, the current rebound creates both opportunities and challenges. Want to understand these clients a little better? A recent survey took a deep look at investment real estate buyers and identified several characteristics that set them apart. more »
Default rates are far higher for corporates than for munis with the same ratings, a discrepancy regulators are hoping to address with a rule that takes effect June 15. more »
If managers who invest in their funds tend to outperform their peers, which ones are the best? Ranked by their respective funds' five-year performance, here are the top managers with $1 million of their own money invested in their funds. more »
Sens. Ron Wyden, D-Ore. and John Hoeven, R-N.D., introduced legislation that would create Move America Bonds, which would generally be treated as exempt-facility, private-activity bonds but would have fewer restrictions and separate state volume caps that could be converted into tax credit allocations. more »
More than half of global employers surveyed by Vanguard say they intend to boost company contributions to 401(k) plans in the next five years; Plus, almost half of American workers (45%) are not saving for retirement. more »
Given the unpredictability in forecasting, betting on rates rising can be just as risky as taking the opposite stance. more »
Former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke is joining as a senior advisor, his second consulting agreement with a top money manager in as many weeks. more »
Instead of shifting all their assets to bonds and other safe investments, retired clients should keep some in high-quality dividend stocks; Also, clients should be self-centered when planning for retirement. more »
For clients who want retirement income with minimal equity risk, advisors should recognize the 'mortality credit' advantage that the pooled funds in an immediate annuity can offer. more »
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