Beware of Clients in the Danger Zone: Retirement Scan
Equity allocations are generally higher than years past even for retirees, but some clients are still overexposed to stocks; Plus, the idea of privatizing Social Security is being suggested again by some.
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Risk assessment and rebalancing are especially important when the market goes on wild swings; Plus, how clients can benefit from the market correction. more »
A 55-year-old client who decides to withdraw from his 401(k) account with his former employer may be exempt from paying the penalty if he is totally and permanently disabled and has an IRS levy; Plus, wallet-friendly travel tips for retirees. more »
Laddering is a good fixed-income strategy that will enable clients to earn higher yields and protect them from rate increases; Plus, how retirees can make money in the sharing economy. more »
Ways to cut your client's taxes on Social Security benefits. Plus, guidance for reducing a client's tax burden on highly appreciated land, and avoiding IRS penalties and double taxation when contributing too much to retirement accounts. more »
The federal government is calling on comments for its proposal to allow Medicare to cover physicians' fees for discussing end-of-life issues with beneficiaries; Plus, how to transfer inherited IRAs. more »
Retirees who can no longer afford to settle their debts because of job loss, business failure and other misfortunes may seek a one-time-payment settlement with their creditors; Plus, ways in which retirees can tap their portfolio using various strategies. more »
Fiduciary advocates question the math behind the opponents' estimate, calling it an "Alice in Wonderland report" without backing. more »
Taking a required minimum distribution from a retirement account to satisfy the RMD of another account is allowed only if both accounts are traditional noninherited IRAs or noninherited 403(b) plans; Plus, how to decide between a 401(k) and an IRA when saving for retirement. more »
The BIC exemption in the DoL’s fiduciary rule allows retirement plan brokers and advisors to continue setting their own compensation as long as they commit to putting their client’s interests first but some say it will impede brokers who want to work with small businesses. more »
A "cautionary" note on the third day of hearings after DoL officials quiz industry attorney in the slippery task of trying to ascertain details of common commission sales. more »
Nearly a dozen Democratic state senators express their concerns over the Obama administration's proposed changes to the fiduciary standard; plus the crazy way Social Security punishes spouses who claim early benefits. more »
Critics: DoL fiduciary rule would harm investors; Advocates: Americans' "retirement savings are being depleted by conflicts of interest every day." more »
Ongoing updates from the Labor Department's hearings on its proposal to impose fiduciary requirements on retirement advisors from Financial Planning, On Wall Street, Employee Benefit Advisor and Employee Benefit News. more »
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