No Bargains This Year on Roth IRA Conversions: Retirement Scan
The income tax on conversions may not be worth the potential appreciation they will get over a period of time; plus, low-cost holiday gift ideas and ways in which to make your money last in retirement.
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The IRS is considering regulations to limit assets in IRAs; plus, six ways to make a penalty-free 401(k) withdrawal and new rules that allow 401(k) rollovers into company pension plans. more »
Retirees may start their search by visiting Medicare's website where they can compare facilities; plus, a moderate retirement saver portfolio for young investors and eight things investors should be thankful for. more »
Clients with both pre- and after-tax money in their employer plans can allocate distribution to separate retirement accounts. more »
Company founder filled account with stock that wasn't publicly traded and used low values to stay technically under the contribution limit; plus, jumbo-loan challenges for retirees and how to avoid the Medicare surcharge. more »
Madison and Omaha are among the top retirement havens; plus the factors retirees should consider in deciding where to retire and what pre-retirees need to do now. more »
Tax benefits of homeownership are overstated, study finds; plus proposed changes that put Roth IRA advantages at risk and five takeaways on retirement from the midterm elections. more »
How clients and other taxpayers can act to reduce their income taxes, sell stocks for tax-loss harvesting, and recoup overpaid net investment income taxes. more »
With a wider gap in tax rates, moving reported income among family members could have a big payoff. Advisors should consider a few if these strategies. more »
Clients report Social Security's employees being uninformed of the agency's rules, or worse, providing wrong information; Plus, the downside of target-date funds more »
Rising tax rates are one reason to rethink IRA accounts; plus Detroit's emergence from bankruptcy and a Social Security tip for people who remarry after 60. more »
The IRS has issued guidance clarifying the impact that a 2014 rollover of an individual retirement arrangement has on the one-per-year limit imposed by the Tax Code on tax-free rollovers between IRAs. more »
The topic of retirement income should be non-partisan so Congress could score points with voters and help workers; Plus, if you're near retirement, the recent recovery is working against you. more »
At the heart of increasing employee resentment, and more than a dozen lawsuits against 401(k) plans, are a raft of obscure fees and services; Plus, your clients will see real advantages in using robo advisors. more »
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