Dividend Stocks Beat Bonds for Retirement Income: Retirement Scan
Over the past 50 years, dividends of the S&P 500 have grown an average of 5.7% a year, outpacing the average inflation rate of 4.1%; Plus, how Social Security could be used by the government to address retirement inequality.
More in IRAs/401K
Clients are advised to name a beneficiary and back-up beneficiary of their accounts, and designating a trust is a good option if there are children from a previous marriage; Plus, how to prepare for a long retirement. more »
401(k) plans increasingly resemble the traditional pensions that guarantee a steady income for workers in retirement; Plus, personal finance tips for Americans considering retiring overseas. more »
Agents tout that these products offer 8% guaranteed returns, but this 8% is not a yield but an income rider; Plus, how the Supreme Court just improved your clients' retirement. more »
Clients are advised to avoid using a break-even analysis when deciding on when to start collecting their Social Security retirement benefits; Plus, why you shouldn't rollover a late spouse's IRA into your own. more »
Even taxpayers with professional help can make significant mistakes. See the three failures that tripped up one taxpayer. more »
Gen Xers are more pessimistic than baby boomers about their retirement prospects; Plus, the surprising new company benefit that's helping Americans retire. more »
Tax advice focuses on reducing adjusted gross income, accelerating and decelerating income and other strategies. more »
To help clients envision their long-term needs, show them how much more they can receive from the government if they wait longer to file for benefits; Plus, reverse mortgage can help in the right situations. more »
Clients who are considering taking student loans should compare the interest rates with their investment returns before making a decision; Plus, how Americans are missing out on $24 billion a year. more »
Clients who intend to stay in their homes after they retire should consider changes like open floor plans and wider doors to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers; Plus, small businesses now have no excuse for lousy retirement plans. more »
For pre-retirees who have not saved quite enough it's especially important to establish a plan to pay off credit card debt; Plus, proposals to improve workers' access to retirement plans first need a unified contribution limit. more »
The Department of Housing and Urban Development has revamped the rules on reverse mortgages to allow the servicer to foreclose the home mortgage if the account holder dies and the home is left to a non-borrowing spouse; Plus, five ways to talk to parents about their retirement income. more »
Clients who want to roll over their spouses' IRA into their names can only do so if their spouses die and if they are properly named as beneficiaries; Plus, how to avoid running out of money in retirement. more »
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