Hidden Benefits to Clients of Working Longer
Delaying retirement and staying in their current job may be the key for clients looking to bolster retirement savings.
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Two former advisors allege they were punished and eventually fired for reporting misconduct including trainees and interns entering trades as well as misleading clients during cold calls. more »
In a rapid market downturn, advisors have to suss out the motivation for wanting to sell, while remembering that, ultimately, a client's decision prevails. more »
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Ways to cut your client's taxes on Social Security benefits. Plus, guidance for reducing a client's tax burden on highly appreciated land, and avoiding IRS penalties and double taxation when contributing too much to retirement accounts. more »
People are looking at social security more strategically… it's heavily nuanced [and] if you make the wrong decision it has significant implications for the future," Howard Schneider, president, Practical Perspectives. more »
Fiduciary advocates question the math behind the opponents' estimate, calling it an "Alice in Wonderland report" without backing. more »
The BIC exemption in the DoL’s fiduciary rule allows retirement plan brokers and advisors to continue setting their own compensation as long as they commit to putting their client’s interests first but some say it will impede brokers who want to work with small businesses. more »
Why retirees whose premiums that are not deducted from Social Security payments can expect an increase next year; Plus, explaining the menu of income annuity features and options. more »
A "cautionary" note on the third day of hearings after DoL officials quiz industry attorney in the slippery task of trying to ascertain details of common commission sales. more »
"When you put this in the context of rule changes that have occurred since the financial crisis, this would rank at the top," notes James Allen, CEO of Hilliard Lyons. more »
Nearly a dozen Democratic state senators express their concerns over the Obama administration's proposed changes to the fiduciary standard; plus the crazy way Social Security punishes spouses who claim early benefits. more »
Clients can avoid risk by replacing low-yield bonds in their portfolio with high-dividend stocks; plus how and when clients should apply for Social Security and why parent education loans can ruin your clients' retirement. more »
Brokerage industry leaders told Labor officials that the plan's contract requirements will compel them to drop less-affluent clients who want to retire. more »
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