Updated Friday, April 18, 2014 as of 2:45 PM ET
Client Wants to Sell a Biz? Start Planning Now
Small business owners shouldn’t wait until they’re ready to sell their businesses to execute what is likely to be the most important transaction of their lives. They need to plan for the sale years in advance, say advisors and industry experts.
“If you wait until the moment there’s a sale, you are caught off guard and you’ve not optimized your estates, you’ve not optimized your taxes, you’ve not optimized gifting,” said Michael Ott, head of U.S. Bank’s Private Client Reserve, the bank’s high-net-worth wealth management unit.   more »
More in Succession Planning
United Capital has started providing regular liquidity to advisors with some first stock sales proceeds exceeding $500,000. more »
A "sunset program" for soon-to-retire advisors is already underway at some banks. But there is still much to be done, industry executives say. more »
More emphasis on incentive pay, bonus pools and flexibility as firms scramble to lure and keep talent. more »
Merrill Lynch Wealth Management is putting the spotlight on advisor training with its appointment of Racquel Oden as head of new advisor development. more »
With the advisor population aging and looking to retire, more wealth management firms are stepping up their efforts to recruit and train a new generation of advisors. more »
Cambridge's Amy Webber says promotion is next step in complex internal succession plan. more »
A clash over future growth plans at Lenox Wealth Management led to the departure of the firm's 34-year-old president and COO Jay Hummel. more »
Almost half of the advisors in a new FPA study say they don't have a retirement plan; even more fail on business and succession plans. more »
Expansion-minded Savant Capital Management has bolstered its presence in the vibrant Chicago metropolitan market, acquiring Paragon Advisors, a $150 million firm in Naperville, Ill. more »
The well-heeled are worried because they know their children can’t handle the money they’re going to inherit—so you need to teach them how. more »
A group of former Morgan Stanley directors is hoping their new start-up will let them capitalize on the industry’s aging demographics. more »
Over the next 10 – 20 years, trillions of dollars’ worth of financial and non-financial assets are expected to be transferred from the boomers to their heirs. As a result, advisors must be prepared for these changes to make sure that inherited assets will remain with them. more »
In the latest deal for Focus Financial Firm, Boston-based RIA expands footprint, sees more acquisitions ahead. more »
Advisors on the Move: Cambridge Snags $500 Million Team

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