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January 3, 2014

The pair, who managed more than $146 million in client assets, joined Raymond James with a practice named Stonegate Financial. read more »
A revised chart helps explain returns and highlights the greatest challenges for diversified investors. read more »
FINRA has identified the suitability of the bonds of distressed municipalities for investors, as well as municipal advisor activity, as areas it will focus on in 2014. read more »
Bill Gross, the money manager known as “The Bond King,” misjudged the timing and impact of the Fed's plan to scale back its asset purchases in 2013, spurring the Pimco Total Return Fund's biggest decline in almost two decades. read more »
Clients are wary of working with young advisors. Here's how to win them over. read more »

Must Read

6 Big Tech Trends for 2014

Data from this year's Financial Planning Tech Survey tells us what's been going on this past year, but it doesn't tell you what's going to happen next year. Here are a few modest technology predictions for 2014. read more »

Must Watch

Sallie Krawcheck on the State of Wealth Management

As the new owner of international women’s networking organization 85 Broads, Sallie Krawcheck speaks with On Wall Street about her beginnings as a journalism student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and her views on a uniform fiduciary standard for financial advisors. read more »

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