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December 11, 2013

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Last-Minute Tax Moves for Wealthy Clients
The landscape is new and far more complex than it was a year ago. That requires some new strategies for clients.

Big Ideas in Estate Planning Now
Advisors now have extraordinary tax-advantaged estate plan possibilities for wealthy clients.

Advisor's Specialty: Protecting Silicon Valley Riches
Vista Wealth Management specializes in working with executives from Silicon Valley, many of whom are young and newly wealthy.

Why Advisors Must Educate Next Gen HNW
The well-heeled are worried because they know their children can’t handle the money they’re going to inherit—so you need to teach them how.

Pitfalls of Investing in Art & Collectibles
As is typical in periods when there’s the prospect of higher inflation, investment interest in collectibles is growing, and art prices in particular having been setting records. But do these represent safe vehicles for protecting your clients’ assets?

Win Business Owner Clients With Corporate Services
Advisors who add corporate services such as deferred compensation, executive benefit programs and defined contribution or benefit plans to their menu of services, serve business owners and executives better. They also differentiate themselves and boost revenue.

Plus: Help Biz Owners Avoid Taxes on Disability Insurance
Many partnership agreements cover what will happen if one of the partners dies, but fail to address the possibility of one of the principals becoming disabled.


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