Younger consumers have high standards and a different way of doing business. Respect the value they bring - and try some of their ideas.

New U.K. regulations will force advisors there to make big changes. You should consider following their lead.

by: Bob Veres

If you're not doing the hard work of developing detailed plans for your clients, maybe you need a new job description.

Use this 9-step process to request (and receive) referrals from your existing clients.

When we're lumped in with all financial professionals, the value we offer is compromised.

Worried about the poor fiscal health of the U.S., FPA Capital doubles down on quality names.

The S&P/Dow Jones merger pits the indexing giant against a changing marketplace. Here are a few ways advisors could be affected.

The urge to diversify drives interest in exotic assets - including trees and violins - for high-net-worth clients.

Tempted to leave this asset class out of a portfolio? Don't be swayed.

by: Jim Grote

After a long time focused on medical professionals, Cindy Conger's new practice targets female clients. That means doing a few things differently.

Often the right phrase or story can help planners persuade their clients to act.

Concierge services help advisors strengthen existing client relationships and attract new ones.

Funding a 529 plan for a grandchild can offer estate-tax benefits for wealthy clients - plus feel-good rewards.

As boomers retire and relocate, these tax-deferred deals offer a sweet way to offload real estate investments.

When a client is a performer, athlete or anyone else with a variable income, a planner needs a special strategy.

Many variable annuity issuers made changes to older products or introduced new ones.

Hurricane Sandy swamps our annual tech issue, leaving us stranded - but we're rescued by technology

CFP Board CEO Kevin Keller talks about enforcing the fiduciary standard and building the image of the profession.

Self-settled trusts seem to offer the impossible: They remove assets from an individual's estate while still allowing them to benefit from them.

by: Ann Marsh

Advisors have been racing to finish what some say is an unprecedented transfer of wealth.

Many woman advisory firms are missing a big opportunity.

Portfolios reflect a decline in risk tolerance; advisor fees inch higher

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