High-Frequency Trading Minutes: The Next Second

In the final installment of an exclusive, six-part video series, Securities Technology Monitor editor-in-chief Tom Steinert-Threlkeld tells Voice of America’s Peter Fedynsky how algorithmic trading is about making a profit in the next second. Not the long haul. Long-term, though, the question is: if profit-making ceases in the economy as a whole...would that change? Read More »

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Talking Technology With Financial Advisors

Technology is becoming even more important for financial advisors, and according to some experts, they can no longer afford to ignore it. Today, talking technology means a lot more than carrying a cell phone.


Video, Apps Essential Tools for Advisor-Client Engagement

CLS Investments, a leading independent third-party money manager, is preaching the gospel of engaging with investors on new platforms ranging from apps for tablet computers and smartphones to online video commentaries and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

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Regulations Spur Financial Services Firms' IT Spending

The proliferation of new regulations emanating from the Dodd-Frank Act, Basel III and Solvency II are collectively inducing an outpouring of technology spending from companies in the financial service sector, a new report finds.

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SocGen Unveils 'Relative Value' Algo

Societe Generale, the French investment bank, says that its new “relative value” algorithm will give fund managers the ability to change their participation to a stock’s performance relative to an underlying index.

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Raymond James Steps Up Social Media Push

Raymond James is partnering with Actiance to provide financial advisors access to compliant social media tools, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. In addition, the firm is offering advisors optional marketing support with access to a library of pre-approved content and tools to measure engagement.

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Charles River Helps Fund Managers Manage Their Data

Charles River Development has officially launched a new data management platform that will help fund managers integrate reference, issuer, benchmark-index and pricing data into their front- and middle-office applications.

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New FPA Social Networking Site Powers Up

Get ready to connect with far-flung colleagues: The FPA’s much-awaited new social networking site is live and picking up speed. Several thousand members worldwide are already connecting online, forming groups and developing their own self-directed platforms within the 24,000 member-strong organization.

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Talking Point

"The most concerning element, in our view, was management's reiteration of its disciplined approach, despite the financial results that suggest otherwise. That contradiction made the new Larry Page era start out with a dose of tone deafness."

Stifel Nicolaus analyst Jordan Rohan »