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For advisors, there are significant non-portfolio issues to consider when interest rates finally increase.

'We were not as proactive as we should have been,' the CFP Board says, rolling out two initiatives aimed at resolving advisors' incorrect fee-only disclosures on its website.

Small firms need continuity strategies to protect themselves if an advisor dies or is incapacitated.

A growing band of advisors is charging their clients purely for advice. Here's why you should be paying attention.

As regulators again put off action on a fiduciary standard for the wealth management industry, fi360 lets advisors move forward on their own.

Using the right chemistry, advisors can mix investments and land in a sweet spot on the risk-return spectrum.

Some efforts at innovation just don’t pay off. But if you learn from them, you can make future initiatives more successful.

Accountants may have some concerns about forming an alliance with you. Be sure that you can understand and address their fears.

Some advisors have found that covered calls outperform bonds and provide savvy selling strategies.

Security experts say it's now crucial for advisors to understand that the fraud landscape has changed: Planners and their clients are both targets, and new federal rules (and custodians' policies) make advisors primarily responsible for fraud prevention. Advisors and other experts recommend a number of techniques for keeping clients safe.

After the first year of running his own RIA, an advisor reflects and offers some lessons learned.

When the Navy called Robert Gerstemeier back for involuntary active duty, he was glad that he had prepared for the unexpected.

Here are the smartest tips and tricks we’ve heard recently.

By focusing on what really needs protecting, advisors can help bring insurance spending under control.

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