The rush to shift money to Roth IRAs may be built on bad assumptions. Keep your clients from making a mistake.

A study of how various asset classes fared during 15 years of low inflation offers some surprises.

New online advisory services are turning up the heat for advisors. Know how to arm yourself.

Advisors must understand one of the newest trends in philanthropy: Giving away illiquid assets.

Want to know what matters most to the people who make your business run? Here’s how to set up a panel to get better client feedback.

In which the author takes a pair of popular assessments and finds he’s not as daring as he thought he was.

These firms have the highest percentage of female reps. What are they doing differently?

If you want your entire team focused on bringing in new clients, you'll need to restructure your organization to make that happen.

As more companies offer ‘financial wellness’ benefits to employees, planners have a chance to build new relationships.

Here's how Roger Hewins used an accounting firm connection to help create a $3.5 billion RIA.

Investors should beware when the Tax Code says one thing about real estate in an IRA, but the IRA custodian says another.

The third edition of Redtail's highly popular CRM application seems destined to help the company hold its leading position.

Wealthy clients need help raising kids who’ll value community well-being and financial stewardship. Here’s how advisors can help.

With the number of independent workers on the rise, advisors need to know about the distinct issues that they face.

Planners who started their professional lives in other fields identify the crossover skills that make them successful.

The strategy once known as SRI has rebranded and expanded. Here’s what you should know now about the universe of values-based strategies.

Wealth management firms are positioning themselves to meet rising demand from millennial investors who want to better align their investments with their values.

Financial advisors get trained in taxes, but many times it’s just a basic framework for how to structure investments. A CPA can bring a much deeper level of understanding to a client’s tax situation.

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