Do the instruments make sense in an low-rate environment? And if so, should you build them in-house? Get tips from fixed-income experts.

Financial advisors may need to alter the traditional way they view investors’ safety zones.

How a planner can help keep unequal inheritances from tearing a family apart.

When cash, commodities and other assets stumble, it is tempting to eliminate them from a portfolio. Run the numbers first, though.

Want to insulate your firm from future crises? A few moves look sure to offer a payoff whether equities soar, plunge or just muddle along.

The startup's software could make basic planning available to a much broader audience than the industry currently serves.

The industry is losing about 3,000 to 4,000 advisors annually who aren’t being replaced, says Pershing CEO Mark Tibergien.

Don't throw new hires into the deep end. Here are a few smarter ways to help them thrive.

Some younger planners are diversifying activities and income streams to create more fulfilling - and flexible - work.

Use these exercises to strengthen your interactions with your team and with valued clients.

Veteran CFP professionals are beginning their own retirement at the worst possible time, when more people need their help than ever. Here's how the CFP Board aims to address the problem.

Wealth management firm Baird has developed a new way to connect with planning students at University of Wisconsin.

We found a few firms that were getting it right on recruiting next-gen planners. Check out their road map.

Special report card: See the colleges, universities and other institutions training new planners.

Larry Elkin offers specialized estate and tax expertise for wealthy clients. Now his firm handles $1.3 billion in assets, spread across fewer than 200 families.

If you want your firm to grow, you need a plan to find and develop smart young advisors. Here's how our firm does it.

How will clients react when specialized products underperform well-known benchmarks?

Want some interns or residents of your own? Here are a few issues to keep in mind before the students show up.

35 Great Schools for Financial Planning
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