The ideal investing approach should control downside risk while also achieving a reasonable rate of growth. Here are a few suggestions.

A comparison of 'decision rules' with rebalancing suggests that advisors may not be giving one simple strategy the credit it deserves.

You'll get a stronger group effort if you emphasize common vision, diverse skills and open communication.

Review clients’ policies annually, paying particular attention to changes in both rates and charges. Here's a list of items to watch.

At TCI Wealth Management, Bob Swift wanted a succession plan that would let him distribute ownership but keep working. Here's the solution he developed.

Hey, advisors: You need to understand your clients' life goals before you can help them on the financial ones.

Digital tools are one thing, Dave Grant says -- but he has grave doubts about the future of totally remote financial planning relationships.

Advisor, beware: Funds that use complex, hedge style methods may not be appropriate for client retirement accounts.

Investors have gotten more desperate in their pursuit of yield, reaching for ever-dicier products. What could possibly go wrong?

Frequent traders use the tools with individual stocks, but planners advise caution for many clients.

A new version, called EMXpro, offers updated design and deeper planning options, and fixes earlier shortfalls in functionality.

This is a critical time for the industry, with demographic and technological shifts creating tectonic pressures. Here are a few trends all advisors should follow.

Changes to the RIA Leaders rankings illustrate a hard truth about the industry.

As organizations grow and develop different cultures, they require varying skills. Make sure you're able to adjust.

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