Investors may be able to generate extra returns (without extra risk) by betting on unpopular equities. Here’s how.

Even the wealthiest clients are happy when their advisors uncover extra cash for them. Here’s how to do it.

Here's what the brokerage industry's disinformation-mongers might be telling senior brokerage executives.

For Victoria Collins and Jennifer Cagle, a succession plan was complicated by a pending public offering. One kept a valuable equity stake, the other got the client base.

Social media sounded like a terrible idea to me at first. Here's how I came around.

A new interpretation of the once-per-year rollover rule could spell big trouble for some clients.

What was once a higher-cost, lower-probability risk is halfway to being a sure thing. That means existing policies may be a bad deal.

Newly bereaved spouses can face a host of unfamiliar financial issues, and older women are at particular risk. Here are a few specific ways that advisors can help.

Some fixed-income funds behave like equities, failing to give sufficient downside protection to a diversified portfolio.

If the buck keeps rising, which investment tactics will offer the highest payoff for clients?

Advisory firms are finally starting to provide a better experience for tech-savvy clients. Tamarac's new app is a step in the right direction.

For buyers, the cost of funds is low now. For sellers, valuations are rich. Cashing out now is an “easy case to make," says AssetMark EVP Michael Abelson. "Or they can keep riding the wave."

Restructuring a client’s investments to maximize their after-tax payoff can yield a small fortune. Start with these steps.

As e-readers have become more popular, publishing technology is now simpler, as well. Here's how to use an e-book to boost your credibility.

Retirement Advisor Confidence Index: Clients felt a drop in risk appetite, but at least they increased their retirement contributions.

Trusts, a standard tool in the anti-estate tax arsenal, can range from simple to extremely complex. Here are a few options to work with.

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