Some strategies aimed at reducing a client's FICA tax burden could actually sabotage future Social Security earnings. Here's what advisors must understand.

Planners are demanding more sophisticated tools and vendors are responding. Here are the top takeaways from this year's Technology Tools for Today Conference.

I don't want to be a distraction, I don't want to be irrelevant -- and I don't want to be wrong. Perhaps you shouldn't be making predictions either?

Handing off responsibility can be scary and challenging. But it's the only way to empower staff and position your firm for growth. Use these tips to be more effective.

With estate-tax exemptions higher than they used to be, other issues (like income tax) may now be more important for some clients. Here are several planning issues that deserve a rethink.

If regulators can't tell the cultural differences between wirehouses and independent RIAs, Bob Veres has put together a few survey questions they can use.

The range of efficiency tends to be similar within sets of U.S. stock and bond funds. Should advisors care?

You can use a well-organized advisory board to get strategic advice from the people who are your most valuable assets. Here are a few suggestions for running a group.

Lawmakers may eventually prevent heirs from cashing out inherited IRAs over their lifetime. But that could actually be good news for both clients and advisors.

Hemington Wealth Management's focus on high-earning professional women has helped the firm more than double its AUM in a year and a half. See what these clients really need from advisors.

Professionals like doctors and lawyers often face extra-high debt loads, special needs and an array of tough choices. Here are a few repayment strategies that your clients should consider.

As economic landscapes shift, RIAs are going to need to rethink the ways they charge clients and deliver service.

As an advisor, you're not necessarily obligated to vote proxies for client portfolios. But you must make sure your policy is articulated clearly. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

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