Behind the scenes, tension was building in the executive suite, according to insiders. And Moore's departure appears to have been the result of an internal rivalry with the man who replaced him as president.

“We were worried [advisors] would be at a competitive disadvantage," says Bernie Clark, Schwab Advisor Services' executive vice president.

Once known just for CRM, the company has since built out a broader cloud-based suite of tools. Joel Bruckenstein checks out the new offering.

While these documents may seem routine, advisors should check whether clients need to revise existing provisions. Here's what to look for.

The secret to building a profitable business is attracting, serving and retaining a set of high-value clients. Use these ideas to make that happen.

Couples with nontraditional family relationships need planning that is anything but straightforward, says planner Pamela Sandy.

For clients who want retirement income with minimal equity risk, advisors should recognize the 'mortality credit' advantage that the pooled funds in an immediate annuity can offer.

A recent coaching seminar has me recalibrating my understanding of practice management. You may need to adjust yours, too.

With college costs soaring, clients may want to help pay for a family member's education. Watch for these trouble spots.

A recent rule change has enhanced the appeal of these products. Here's what advisors need to know.

An alternate to the Sharpe ratio could help advisors calculate how much pain investors must endure for each unit of gain. Here's how to run the numbers.

Higher valuations, shakier bets: Advisors whose clients want real estate holdings face a new set of challenges.

Strategy is not the most important thing in creating a successful firm -- it's execution. Be sure you're getting it right.

An in-person getaway offered substantial benefits to members of an online, geographically diverse mastermind group. The group had a few tips for other advisors.

11 Creative Ways Advisors Have Changed Their Fees
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