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Pro Bono Financial Planning Awards Nomination Form

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The Pro Bono Financial Planning Awards recognize the unselfish efforts of financial planners and advisors who have contributed their time and talents to helping those in need take control of their finances.

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Pro Bono Planner of the Year: Presented to a financial planner/advisor who has made a leadership contribution to a nonprofit organization by arranging for the group to receive dedicated professional financial services, including pro bono advice and financial life skills.

Pro Bono Team of the Year: Presented to a group of financial planners/advisors (office, practice, chapter) for their involvement in providing pro bono advice and/or financial life skills activities to underserved populations in partnership with community-based organizations.

Deadline for submissions is May 31, 2013

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To complete your nomination, please submit two reference letters – one must be from the non-profit organization (required) and any additional information about the nominee(s) – photos, articles, etc. (optional). Please e-mail reference letters and supporting material to jimp@foundation-finplan.org with the subject line stating: Pro Bono Financial Planning Awards.

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