Saving for Retirement Stage 2: The Sandwich Generation

December 17, 2012

Predicting what your life will look like several years down the road is an exercise in squishy figures, so it’s no wonder many people in the mid-stage of retirement planning may not have a realistic view about how much money they’ll need to fuel the retirement lifestyle they have in mind.
-Franklin Templeton Investments

You’ve probably heard of the term “sandwich generation,” a time at mid-life when many individuals find themselves caring simultaneously for their children and their aging parents. It’s a time when investment dollars can get squeezed out by day-to-day and unexpected expenses, a mortgage and possibly even a college savings plan. In this second of our three-part “Investing for Retirement” series, we take a look at some retirement savings strategies for individuals coping with these mid-life challenges as they themselves begin to look toward transitioning into retirement.

Some key takeaways:

  • Live below your means if possible. Pay down debt.
  • Your retirement must come first. There is no loan for retirement.
  • Retirement planning can be a tricky and emotional business. Count on your advisor to be your objective planning partner.
  • Consider rebalancing your portfolio regularly. Remember: market cycles change.

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