It’s no secret that all retirement calculators are not created equal, and it’s been well reported that the same inputs receive varying longevity results across retirement tools. Now, research shows that many of these calculators cheat investors out of six or more years of retirement income by using inefficient drawdown strategies.

This discovery comes from the research article, “Tax-Efficient Withdrawal Strategies,” published in The Financial Analysts Journal and written by William Meyer, CEO, Retiree Inc., and William Reichenstein, PhD, Co-founder, Retiree Inc.

Join Retiree Income for this complimentary, informational webinar to hear the research authors debunk the conventional wisdom around tax-efficient retirement withdrawals, which suggests that an investor should withdraw funds from one account at a time moving to the next one after the previous is exhausted, starting with tax-deferred accounts and moving to tax-exempt accounts. Meyer and Reichenstein will demonstrate that this conventional wisdom, which many retirement income tools are built on, is not the most tax efficient.

Join us to learn more about:

  • Why this research is so important for your clients
  • How to create a more tax-efficient withdrawal strategy
  • How to coordinate Social Security and portfolio drawdown

Key Speakers

David Adler
Wealth Management & Behavioral Finance Expert
William Meyer
Founder and CEO, Social Security Solutions, Inc.
William Reichenstein
Principal of Research, Social Security Solutions, Inc.