Wealth management is changing rapidly, and those advisers that will succeed in the long run are those who embrace, prepare for and readily adapt to change. This new, two-day event will focus on the myriad forces that are disrupting the world of financial advice, from digital platforms and tools, pricing pressures, regulatory pressures, innovations in practice management, demographic changes, as well as new asset classes and investment vehicles that are attracting attention.

Featured Speakers
Featured Speakers
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2017 Demo Presenters
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    1. What is Disrupt|Advice?

      • Disrupt|Advice is the first conference that’s laser-focused on all the ways the financial advice business is changing. This event will prepare advisers for technology advances, regulatory shifts, product trends and practice management best practices.

    2. Who are the creators of the event?

      • Disrupt|Advice is brought to you by SourceMedia, publishers of Financial Planning, On Wall Street, and Bank Investment Consultant.

    3. Who will attend?

      • This event will bring together all the players the financial planning and wealth management ecosystem to share a vision of how the industry is changing, and how advisers can both adapt to the changes and maintain a trusted role.

    4. Where and When?

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Featured Speakers
President, Rockwood Wealth Management
Senior Advisor and Founding Principal, Timothy Financial Counsel
Chief Executive Officer, Ritholtz Wealth Management
Executive Vice President and Head of the Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) Segment, Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions
CEO & Co-Founder, FiComm Partners, LLC
CEO, RightCapital
Managing Partner and Co-founder, Scorpio Partnership
Managing Partner, Head of Distribution, iCapital Network
Chief Executive Officer and Founding Partner, United Capital
VP Marketing, Lirio
Founder, My Virtual COO
President, Principal, Wealthstream Advisors, Inc.
Financial Planning Expert, Betterment
Director, Simon-Kucher & Partners
President, Third Eye Associates, Ltd
Special Counsel, Sullivan & Cromwell LLP
CEO, Riskalyze
Founder, RobustWealth
Chief Investment Officer, First Ascent Asset Management
President, Trutelic Inc.
VP of Product Management , eMoney Advisor
Managing Director, Head of Behavioral Finance & Goals-Based Consulting, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management
Principal, AdvicePeriod
Managing Director, Global Head of Citi Investment Management, Citi Private Bank
Founding Partner, StashWealth
Founder, Life Planning Partners, Inc.
President, Co-Founder, Smartleaf
CEO, CircleBlack
Co-founder, XY Planning Network
Director | Experiences + Growth, BOS
Partner, Archer Investment Management
Chief Marketing Officer, Swell Investing
Managing Director, Head of Private Banking and Investment Group, Merrill Lynch
EVP Customer Solutions, Riskalyze
CEO , Trutelic Inc.
CEO/President, Stratos Wealth Advisory Group
CTO, CircleBlack
Digital Experience Leader, US Wealth & Retirement, Deloitte Digital
Head of Digital Platforms, Transamerica
Head of Wealth Management Research, Celent, a division of Oliver Wyman, Inc.
Chairman & Co-Founder, Roofstock
Enterprise Manager, Business Development, PIETech, Inc.,