Jayven Rappa

CEO , Trutelic Inc.
Jayven M. Rappa, has over 17 years experience within the Professional and Financial Services Industries as a strategic digital business consultant.  He is a product and technology professional experienced with implementing complex digital business solutions using a hybrid approach of Lean Six Sigma, Project Management, and Agile Technology Development leading to over $200 million in top and bottom line business returns for his clients.  With over 50 digital business transformation engagements, in 2008 Jayven noted an opportunity to innovate in the commercial off the shelf technology marketplace.

An opportunity to develop a system that didn’t just offer tools, but seamlessly connected a businesses strategy, with tools and execution.  This integrated approach would enable firms to get the needed agility to keep pace with customer value delivery, while also keeping a keen eye on the bottom line.  These insights drove the initial technology and business strategy that serves as the foundation for Trutelic, Inc. and it’s subsidiaries.  Jayven has an accomplished athletic career in lacrosse and has most recently been competing in Spartan endurance races, which he trains and enjoys with his wife Christina and two children Eli (7) and Emmi (5).