Agreement Express


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Company Name

Agreement Express

What does it do?

The Agreement Express platform allows financial institutions to design and execute best-in-class automated onboarding experiences across their product offerings and channels. The platform provides deep analytics that enable proactive and personalized client advice and equips their advisors for success among a rapidly-changing landscape of shifting regulations, competitive pressures and evolving demands of today's customers. The platform is the first of its kind to help top performing firms harness client data to improve and evolve rich customer experiences, unify lines of business and provide a holistic view of the onboarding process.

How will your product or service advance the wealth management experience or industry?

Agreement Express is the client onboarding platform transforming the practice of RIAs, broker-dealers, and custodians. In one interface, Agreement Express provides wealth firms with the ability to treat clients to a white-glove experience, with a self-service new account opening interface that is fully integrated to back-office workflows. Firms of all sizes are able to digitize proprietary and custodial forms, sync client data to and from CRMs, and automate the workflow of documentation.

What makes it better than all its competitors?

The latest addition to the platform is a game-changer for broker transitions. By leveraging the Agreement Express platform, firms will be able to accelerate the growth of their book of business with automated broker transitions and account transfers. RIAs, broker-dealers, wirehouses, and transition firms will gain the power to transition broker teams in hours, instead of weeks, never having to re-key client data from a broker-protocol spreadsheet ever again.

Five word mantra or summary?

Transform the client/advisor experience


Mike Gardner, CEO
Marianna Adamian, Account Executive


Mike Gardner, CEO

Key Customers/Clients

National Bank of Canada
Investment Planning Council (Power Financial Corporation)
First Citizens Bank
ETF Capital Management
M&T Bank
Cumberland Wealth Management
Ken Stern & Associates
Gluskin Sheff + Associates Inc.
Arrow Capital Management