2017 In|Vest Demo Presenter:  CIRCLEBLACK

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Company Name


What does it do?

CircleBlack is a wealth innovation company that is focused on delivering modern technology that strengthens the bond between advisors and their clients. In addition, CircleBlack links whatever technology providers best support each advisor's unique business model in one seamless and integrated package. This synergy gives the advisor the power and efficiency of each technology provider's offerings, all within CircleBlack's core functionality.

Technology has transformed industries by bringing time savings, transparency and data integration. Think of what the Apple App store brought to mobile phone apps, for example. Similarly, for financial advisors using CircleBlack, all of the advisor's technology tools can now work together. The CRM system communicates with the financial planning system, the financial planning system works in unison with the risk analytic system, etc. All an advisor has to do is decide which technology providers combined together best support his or her business model and market positioning. CircleBlack does the rest, including making sure that the data from one technology provider moves seamlessly and transparently to where it needs to be, exactly when it needs to be there. The world advisors have been waiting for is here today! Visit to learn more.

How will your product or service advance the wealth management experience or industry?

CircleBlack's core functionality helps advisors scale their practices using world-class account and data aggregation, providing performance reporting on all assets including held-away assets, and delivering personalized, targeted content on any device, including smartphones and tablets. CircleBlack's patent-pending held-away 401k advisory process allows advisors to more holistically advise clients while generating substantial incremental revenue for the advisor. CircleBlack then integrates all of an advisor's other financial technology providers into a modern data hub that demonstrably increases efficiency and profitabilty.

What makes it better than all its competitors?

CircleBlack's commitment to integrating and working with all of an advisors other financial technology providers is a game changer in the industry. CircleBlack gives advisors the freedom to leverage the unique technology stack that is best for them. Advisors that leverage CircleBlack's patent pending 401k advisory process generate substantially more revenue than CircleBlack costs, which changes the conversation from, "How much does CircleBlack cost?" to "How much more money can I make using CircleBlack?"

Five word mantra or summary?

Technology that increases revenue


John Michel, CEO
Carlos Simões, CTO


John Michel, CEO

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