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Product Name

Advisor Branded Marketing 2.0

What does it do?

Advisor Branded Marketing arms financial advisors with all the resources they need to attract, convert, and retain clients. ABM is the financial advisor’s complete marketing toolkit featuring:

- Custom branded content campaigns for generating and nurturing leads
- Suggested social posts for sharing content with one click
- Onboarding videos and tutorials to seamlessly bring clients onto the Client Portal
- Personalized content suggestions based on a client’s unique financial picture
- Robust analytics for tracking and monitoring engagement
- An easy-to-use, intuitive design—integrated right into the eMoney dashboard

How will your product or service advance the wealth management experience or industry?

Investors today are looking for true partnership with their financial advisor built on trust and transparency.

ABM helps advisors strengthen the advisor/client relationship and establish trust and credibility through targeted, relevant content.

Whether they are interacting with prospects or engaging clients, advisors can deliver valuable content through ABM that educates and informs and builds a foundation for that client relationship to grow.

What makes it better than all its competitors?

ABM is the only marketing solution in the industry that leverages client data to make personalized content recommendations geared toward a client’s unique financial picture.

It is the only marketing solution integrated right into the advisor’s wealth management platform enabling advisors to launch campaigns, track engagement, and analyze results all from a single dashboard

Five word mantra or summary?

The Financial Advisor’s Complete Marketing Toolkit


Jessica Liberi, VP, Product Management


Edmond Walters

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