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Company Name

IBM Watson Client Insight for Wealth Management

What does it do?

IBM Watson Client Insight for Wealth Management is a pre-built analytics solution for the wealth management industry that introduces financial advisors to a new era of advanced analytics and cognitive computing. It creates a comprehensive view of the client by delivering insights using multiple data sources inside the organization and helps financial advisors service their clients in a more personalized manner. It is available in the Cloud or On-premises, and now in combination with Salesforce Financial Services Cloud.

How will your product or service advance the wealth management experience or industry?

Improve advisor productivity: Maximize productivity with pre-built dashboards, or by integrating powerful new API-based insights into your favorite CRM system.

- Deepen and retain client relationships: Reinforce client loyalty with recommended retention strategies, predict and prevent client attrition issues 30 days or more in advance to protect revenue and wallet share.

- Perform dynamic segmentations: Advanced dynamic client segmentation helps identify unique cohorts of clients by behaviors, account profile information, and demographics to provide high-touch engagement more effectively.

- Deliver new business opportunities: Generate incremental revenue with targeted product recommendations and investment theme affinities and a deeper understanding of individual client preferences.

- Identify client life events: Predict "money in motion" life events impacting client’s financial lives to help advisors proactively service their clients' needs.

- Cognitive assist agents: Receive summarized news and sentiment on investments, keep up with client interests, tone analysis on client communications, personality insights into investor behavior.

What makes it better than all its competitors?

Augmented Financial Advisor Intelligence through machine learning, natural language processing, and predictive analytics that are pre-built for industry use cases, delivered securely in the cloud or on premise, integrated into your favorite pane of glass via API.

Five word mantra or summary?

Capture the Wealth Client of the Future.


Robert Stanich, Global Wealth Management Offering Manager
Brian Walter, Watson Financial Services Solutions Global Industry Lead


Charles Ranlett Flint

Key Customers

Advisors within wirehouses, private banks, RIA and Independent Broker-Dealer custodians; Sales Management, Wholesalers, Marketing broadly within wealth and investment management, including self-directed channels

Key Investors

Financial Institutions
Mutual Funds
Investing Public