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Product Name

NexJ Customer Relationship Management (NexJ CRM)
NexJ Customer Process Management (NexJ CPM)
NexJ Integrated Advisor Desktop.

What does it do?

NexJ CRM: NexJ Customer Relationship Management is a strategic CRM solution for finance that helps firms establish deep and enduring relationships. NexJ’s targeted focus on delivering wealth management and private banking CRM, corporate and commercial banking CRM, and capital markets CRM has enabled us to develop significant domain expertise and more out-of-the-box finance CRM capabilities than generic, ‘one size fits all’ customer relationship management.

NexJ CPM: NexJ Customer Process Management provides business process management functionality that can be integrated into any CRM solution to address key workflows across the entire customer lifecycle.

By taking a customer-centric focus to business process management, NexJ CPM is specifically designed to quickly guide users through complex workflows while ensuring all the right data is captured correctly the first time, with no need for duplicate data entry. Available as a stand-alone product or as part of NexJ CRM, NexJ CPM helps firms automate and streamline Client Onboarding, Know Your Customer (KYC), and more.

Integrated Advisor Desktop: Advisors use many applications in the course of their daily business. When these applications are siloed, valuable time that could be spent selling to and servicing customers is instead spent toggling between systems, searching for information, and collating widespread data.

Going beyond a fiduciary standard for advice and really delivering customer value requires advisors to be armed with the right information at the right time, actionable insights and notifications driven from analytics, as well as automated and streamlined workflows for quickly getting tasks completed. The NexJ Integrated Advisor Desktop delivers a comprehensive, customer-centric view of front, middle, and back-office information. This information is combined with best-of-breed CRM functionality and customer-centric workflows in a flexible portal container with seamless context passing and presented to users as a single application. With an Integrated Desktop, advisors can quickly and effectively leverage enterprise data and applications to better understand, sell to and service their customers through:

- A 360-degree view of customer households, relationships, and finances
- Actionable dashboards, and analytics-driven insight & notifications
- Proactive customer engagement and social selling
- Flexible automation and streamlining of everyday advisor workflows
- Integration with customer channels, capturing the complete the customer journey
- NexJ’s upcoming, next-generation UI framework enabling advisors-on-the-go

How will your product or service advance the wealth management experience or industry?

The wealth management industry is experiencing more pressure and scrutiny than ever before – from regulators implementing increasingly stringent fiduciary standards; from clients who want personalized and efficient service in all channels; from robos who are capturing increasing market share; and from investors who expect high returns from strong performance.

What makes it better than all its competitors?

Customers choose NexJ to implement large-scale, highly integrated solutions as a strategic investment in their business vs. deploying a tactical solution. NexJ is the choice of top wealth management firms because we work with them to solve real business challenges to meet mission-critical objectives. When we ask our customers why they chose NexJ over the competition, they provide the following reasons:

Industry Experts
- The choice of global market leaders
- Solutions tailored to the specific needs of our core markets
- Domain expertise in financial services
Technically Superior
- Next Generation technology
- Designed to integrate with existing enterprise systems and data
- Scalable to tens of thousands of users and millions of contacts
Strategic Partner
- Responsive to our customer's needs
- Proven track record in partnering with industry leaders
- Committed to our customer's success
- For example: RBC is one of the world’s ten largest wealth managers, serving clients with a full suite of banking, investment, trust and other wealth management solutions. RBC was seeking a best-of-breed integrated desktop for its USA Wealth Management operations that would enable it to attract and retain top talent. The solution needed to increase advisor productivity; deliver a comprehensive view of clients and households; enable best practices across the organization; and drive user adoption. It needed to integrate to existing financial accounts, portfolio management, entitlements, telephony, email, calendar solutions, account opening and security systems.

NexJ delivered the NexJ Integrated Desktop with NexJ CRM to RBC. In a Proof of Concept, 88% of RBC advisors chose NexJ over the competition noting its ease of use and immediate value in helping them growth their franchise. NexJ’s solution brought together all of RBC’s required tools and applications into a unified, integrated desktop. It automated and simplified administrative workflows such as KYC and client onboarding processes.

Wells Fargo Advisors chose NexJ because we could rapidly integrate with their existing Thomson ONE advisor platform, and perform one of the largest data conversion projects in the history of the brokerage industry, while rolling out a best-of-breed solution in a very short timeframe.

At a time when European financial companies were being handed massive fines for regulatory non-compliance, Credit Suisse needed to demonstrate compliance with evolving regulations across multiple geographies (London, Guernsey, and Gibraltar.) Credit Suisse chose NexJ because our solution would enable them to integrate to 10 different systems to standardize and automate complex Know Your Client, Anti-Money Laundering, and Client Onboarding processes featuring over 15,000 possible questions and more than 200 possible pages, and we could deliver the solution just 7 months after the pilot.

Five word mantra or summary?

Business is about Relationships™


Bryan Sachdeva, VP Wealth Management Solutions


William M. Tatham

Key Customers

Select wealth management customers include Wells Fargo Advisors, RBC Wealth Management, and Credit Suisse Private Banking.

Key Investors

NexJ Systems is a Canadian-owned and operated public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange as TSX:NXJ. Many employees are shareholders.)