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Company Name


What does it do?

Onist is the first-ever consumer-centric Virtual Family Office as a Service platform, making financial management easier, smarter & more collaborative.

How will your product or service advance the wealth management experience or industry?

Onist empowers families to optimize important, underserved tasks throughout the financial lifecycle, including sharing financial information with a spouse, delivering wealth care to an elderly parent and estate planning.

By connecting individuals with their “wealth network” of people (i.e. financial professionals, business partners, inter-generational family) and entities (i.e. SMBs, partnerships, trusts), Onist provides seamless collaboration, intelligence and automation centered around a comprehensive view of the family's finances.

Using Onist, advisors strengthen client relationships, solidify their role as the trusted financial QB and increase efficiency and profit for themselves and the multi-generational families they serve.

What makes it better than all its competitors?

Onist is the first-ever “virtual family office” as a service platform that empowers intelligent collaboration among families and professionals from all corners of the wealth network. Designed to be truly consumer-centric, Onist lets families and their financial professionals centralize data, documents and intelligence onto one integrated, collaborative platform.

Five word mantra or summary?

Smarter, More Collaborative Financial Management


Ari Brojde, Co-founder & CEO
Brad Kotansky, Co-founder & CEO


Ari Brojde, Co-CEO
Brad Kotansky, Co-CEO
Amit Bronner, CTO

Key Customers

B2B: Wealth Advisors, Estate Planners, Accountants, Insurance Brokers, Financial Institutions

B2C: Mass Affluent & HNW families, financial caregivers

Key Investors