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Product Name

REL-ID Verify 2.0

What does it do?

Uniken provides an easy, secure, and compliant way for your clients to interact with you across all channels – web, mobile, email, and chat - with a phenomenal user experience. Put simply, We Make Connecting Safe!! We do this by transforming the fundamental underpinnings of cybersecurity. Rather than just trying to add another layer of application security or make a better authenticator, we have rejected the existing “connect-then-authenticate” security model built on top of TLS/SSL and instead adopted an “authenticate-then-connect” model which is far better equipped to handle 21st century threat vectors, IoT scale, and the modern CX requirements that customers demand.

Uniken’s Rel-ID is a security platform that completely eliminates your risk of SSL vulnerabilities, phishing attacks, credential compromise, and MITM attacks by delivering 1:1 Key Exchange at IoT scale, and integrating the keys with identity and authentication into the secure channel. This creates the perfect combination of military-grade security and zero-friction, omni-channel CX for the end-user, a combination that reduces the attack surface, increases user engagement, and drives down costs for the business.

This week, we launched REL-IDverify 2.0, an addition to our platform that extends our bulletproof, user-transparent security model across all your interaction modes and use cases – from users connecting from unknown devices / browsers, to seamless out-of-band cryptographic verification of transaction authorizations for trades and funds transfer. This latest release adds the ability to integrate into a third-party chat conversation so that your clients can reach out to you via their channel of choice, while still enabling you to stay secure, compliant, and deliver a consumer-grade CX.

How will your product or service advance the wealth management experience or industry?

Confirmations of trade instructions, external money movement, and other financial transactions take up a lot of time and energy and create a tremendous amount of friction that frustrates the client and the advisor. We eliminate that friction while still covering you with bulletproof security and compliance – You can now take instructions from your clients via phone, voicemail, email, or chat, and still execute within compliance guidelines without ever having to chase them down for signatures or verbal confirms.

What makes it better than all its competitors?

Our deep expertise in financial services and capital markets has distilled the crucial intersection of requirements for this industry – Bulletproof security, seamless CX for the customer, and effortless regulatory compliance for you.

Our platform delivers a smooth and consistent CX that is omni-channel across web, mobile, email, and chat. Because our technology validates each unique user / device / app combination, you never have to collect another piece of PII to perform an out-of-band verification. That same capability provides you with a 100% secure Man-in-the-middle proof omni-channel interaction with your clients, and you can always trust that this is a legitimate set of instructions being approved.

Proof -- Our customers have had ZERO hacks, identity thefts, financial or data loss.

Five word mantra or summary?

We Make Connecting Safe!


Robert Levine, COO

Key Customers

Nexus Venture Partners
Founders & Angels
Wells Fargo Startup Accelerator