United Income

2017 In|Vest Demo Presenter:  United Income

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Company Name

United Income

What does it do?

Provides world’s most sophisticated and first comprehensive money management solution for individuals, powering everything from personalized Social Security guidance to investment management to tax planning to concierge services.

How will your product or service advance the wealth management experience or industry?

Using big data and new technology, United Income breaks down existing consumer finance silos and creates a unified system of consumer finance.

What makes it better than all its competitors?

Big data allows United Income (unlike any others) to create personalized longevity estimates rather than default assumptions; personalized spending projections that are curvilinear and have expected shocks rather than linear default assumptions; and personalized life outcome projections for unforeseen events, like health issues, that affect financial outcomes rather than ignoring these influences on financial success. No one else in this market has this level of sophistication. For our retail customers, this not only means that they receive financial plans and investment management portfolios that are more sophisticated than has been possible and are better able to reach their financial goals: it means they’re able to do more things in one place compared to any other service in the market. That includes getting (a) a custom, optimized retirement paycheck every month (rather than a default withdrawal assumption), (b) investment strategies for each spending target (rather than one strategy for an entire portfolio), and (c) an optimized financial plan for all of their major decisions (e.g., account drawdown sequencing, Social Security claiming strategy, asset location, investment management, tax planning, etc.).

Five word mantra or summary?

Creating unified consumer finance system


Matt Fellowes, Founder & CEO
Andrew Vincent, VP of Product


Matt Fellowes

Key Customers

Individuals nearing or entering retirement, initially those with $300,000 to $3 million in investable assets

Key Investors

Omidyar Network