Christian Maynard Philipp

CCO, Vault
Christian Maynard-Philipp.jpg
Christian Maynard-Philipp is the CCO of Vault, a company that helps nontraditional savers invest toward retirement at their own pace. In June 2017, Vault expanded its vision by introducing the first mobile app that allows you to save and invest a percentage of pay, automatically. Prior to Vault, Christian was the Policy Director for the Oregon State Treasury, which will roll out the first state retirement savings program on July 1st. Christian also co-led the rollout of the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Financial Empowerment Innovation Fund. A program that partnered with industry leaders to better-inform strategies aimed at increasing consumers’ retirement savings, credit scores, and overall financial literacy. She previously worked in wealth management and is an honors graduate of George Mason University’s MPP program.