In|Vest 2018: Innovations & Digital Transformations in Wealth
In|Vest 2018: Innovations & Digital Transformations in Wealth

Boomers are the new Millennials. 401ks are hot. All the major market leaders are looking for the perfect robo + advisor strategy. No one’s actually executed it.. AI is more than a buzzword, but not yet worthy of the hype. Customer acquisition and engagement are on everyone’s mind. Competing technology models are forcing firms to choose a path—soup-to-nuts solution, or a la carte ordering? Partnerships. Blockchain. Chatbots. Beyond TDFs. Innovation, innovation, innovation.

The wealth management industry is at a crossroads, as industry leaders embrace digital transformation. But embracing and rolling out across customer segments are proving to be two very different challenges.

Now in its fourth year, In|Vest 2018 will bring together the entire wealth management industry – those that serve retail customers, HNW, UHNW, digital advisors, insurance, asset managers, investors, all manners of solution providers, and consultants to debate and uncover the solutions that are working today, and on the horizon.

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    The In|Vest 2018 program is designed to keep you ahead of an ever-changing industry and position you for success during the digital transformation of wealth management. Year after year, the event is an unqualified success, attracting nearly 1,000 executives from the U.S. and abroad. Download the brochure today to learn more.

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Featured Speakers
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InvestCloud: Better by Design

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Company Website:

Questions for InvestCloud

Product Name

InvestCloud Blue

What Does It Do?

InvestCloud Blue empowers wealth managers to build and maintain intuitive and responsive client relationships, tailored for specific client bases. Blue digitizes client engagement, onboarding, advice, reporting and management in cloud-based apps, giving investors a world-class digital experience and giving managers a comprehensive view of their clients.

What makes your company or product great?

With InvestCloud, any investment manager can have access to a first-class, integrated digital investment platform through the cloud. InvestCloud does this by providing a digital platform of hyper-modular, customizable, extendable, cloud-based digital financial APPS. These apps are built using Programs Writing Programs (PWP) - the InvestCloud difference - allowing one designer or business analyst to the work of 50 programmers. All assets and information for the InvestCloud digital platform are housed in a single place of access, control & entry (PLACE).

What key challenge does it solve?

The InvestCloud digital platform empowers through technology, using a tech-forward, innovative approach to software to accelerate speed to develop and deploy, accelerate value to your end clients by persona, accelerate your operations with custom workflows, co-exist with your strong software assets and partner on a shared journey (i.e., the best of build and buy). The way InvestCloud builds technology results in massive acceleration of time to market and simplicity in ongoing maintenance.

Best success story?

One of InvestCloud's recent success stories is Freetrade. By using InvestCloud, Freetrade quickly implemented a market-ready back end system into its app. The stockbroker startup used InvestCloud apps to mass-automate trading, allowing the team to scale operations and trading volume without having to divert attention from getting to market. Through InvestCloud’s Digital Warehouse and Programs Writing Programs (PWP) technology, Freetrade implemented this solution in a fraction of the traditional build time.

Key Executives:

John Wise (Chairman and CEO), Colin Close (President), Fiona Francois (Chief of Staff), Jules Bowden (CTO), Yaela Shamberg (Chief Product Officer), Michael Smith (Chief Business Development Officer), Vincent Sos (Chief Architecture Officer), Mark Trousdale (CMO)

Key Customers/Clients:

Capital Group, Glenmede, Nutmeg, Dynasty Financial, Partners Capital. Others available upon request.

Key Investors: