In|Vest 2018: Innovations & Digital Transformations in Wealth
In|Vest 2018: Innovations & Digital Transformations in Wealth

Boomers are the new Millennials. 401ks are hot. All the major market leaders are looking for the perfect robo + advisor strategy. No one’s actually executed it.. AI is more than a buzzword, but not yet worthy of the hype. Customer acquisition and engagement are on everyone’s mind. Competing technology models are forcing firms to choose a path—soup-to-nuts solution, or a la carte ordering? Partnerships. Blockchain. Chatbots. Beyond TDFs. Innovation, innovation, innovation.

The wealth management industry is at a crossroads, as industry leaders embrace digital transformation. But embracing and rolling out across customer segments are proving to be two very different challenges.

Now in its fourth year, In|Vest 2018 will bring together the entire wealth management industry – those that serve retail customers, HNW, UHNW, digital advisors, insurance, asset managers, investors, all manners of solution providers, and consultants to debate and uncover the solutions that are working today, and on the horizon.

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    The In|Vest 2018 program is designed to keep you ahead of an ever-changing industry and position you for success during the digital transformation of wealth management. Year after year, the event is an unqualified success, attracting nearly 1,000 executives from the U.S. and abroad. Download the brochure today to learn more.

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Featured Speakers
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Intelligence Built-In



Company Website:

Questions for NexJ Systems

Product Name

NexJ Intelligent Customer Management

What Does It Do?

NexJ Systems provides Intelligent Customer Management software for wealth management firms. The Intelligent Customer Management suite is comprised of award winning-products that use artificial intelligence to improve customer service and increase productivity, and cognitive applications that use machine learning to recommend the right actions to save time and make more money.

What makes your company or product great?

NexJ is the choice of top wealth management firms because our intelligent relationship management, process management, and data management product suite represents a strategic investment in their business vs. deploying a tactical point solution.

NexJ’s Intelligent Customer Management product suite leverages the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics to help advisors develop trusted relationships, grow assets under management, and deliver personalized service at scale. The guiding principle behind every NexJ product has always been to enable firms to deliver intelligent capabilities that empower advisors to work faster and smarter, and to progressively evolve toward machine learning and advanced AI to generate and operationalize deeper, more reliable insights from their enterprise data.

When we ask our customers why they chose NexJ over the competition, they provide the following reasons:

Industry Experts

  • The choice of global market leaders
  • Solutions tailored to the specific needs of our core markets
  • Domain expertise in financial services

Enterprise First

  • Next Generation technology
  • Designed to integrate any data source, internal or external
  • Scalable to tens of thousands of users and millions of contacts

Strategic Partner

  • Responsive to our customer's needs
  • Proven track record in partnering with industry leaders
  • Committed to our customer's success

What key challenge does it solve?

Between robos, millennials, digital disruption, and regulators, the way today’s advisor works is changing and the demands on their time are growing. Wealth management firms need to make it faster and easier for their advisors to deliver personalized service at scale to grow AUM.

To stay compliant, competitive, and relevant in this market, firms need to integrate data from internal and external sources, increase advisor productivity by automating key processes and alleviating the administrative burden, and provide the information advisors need to deliver proactive, personalized service.

NexJ’s intelligent customer management product suite, including NexJ CRM, NexJ CPM, and NexJ CDAi, leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable advisors to work smarter and faster. NexJ delivers an integrated advisor experience that brings together key systems and data to improve the user experience and streamline key tasks. It displays relevant KPIs and dashboards to recommend the right intelligence-augmented actions to maximize assets under management.

Best success story?

'When European financial companies were receiving massive fines for regulatory non-compliance, Credit Suisse needed to demonstrate compliance with evolving regulations across multiple geographies. Credit Suisse chose NexJ because we coule enable them to integrate to 10 different systems to standardize and automate complex Know Your Client, Anti-Money Laundering, and Client Onboarding processes featuring over 15,000 possible questions and more than 200 possible pages, and we could deliver within 7 months of the pilot.

Key Executives:

William M. Tatham, Founder & Chief Executive Officer; Paul O'Donnell, President

Key Customers/Clients:

RBC, Wells Fargo Advisors, UBS, Credit Suisse, Investors Group

Key Investors:

NexJ Systems is a Canadian-owned and operated public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange as TSX:NXJ. Many employees are shareholders.