In|Vest 2018: Innovations & Digital Transformations in Wealth
In|Vest 2018: Innovations & Digital Transformations in Wealth

Boomers are the new Millennials. 401ks are hot. All the major market leaders are looking for the perfect robo + advisor strategy. No one’s actually executed it.. AI is more than a buzzword, but not yet worthy of the hype. Customer acquisition and engagement are on everyone’s mind. Competing technology models are forcing firms to choose a path—soup-to-nuts solution, or a la carte ordering? Partnerships. Blockchain. Chatbots. Beyond TDFs. Innovation, innovation, innovation.

The wealth management industry is at a crossroads, as industry leaders embrace digital transformation. But embracing and rolling out across customer segments are proving to be two very different challenges.

Now in its fourth year, In|Vest 2018 will bring together the entire wealth management industry – those that serve retail customers, HNW, UHNW, digital advisors, insurance, asset managers, investors, all manners of solution providers, and consultants to debate and uncover the solutions that are working today, and on the horizon.

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    The In|Vest 2018 program is designed to keep you ahead of an ever-changing industry and position you for success during the digital transformation of wealth management. Year after year, the event is an unqualified success, attracting nearly 1,000 executives from the U.S. and abroad. Download the brochure today to learn more.

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Featured Speakers
Featured Speakers
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Powering the Digital Wealth Revolution
Private Client Resources



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Questions for Private Client Resources (PCR)

Product Name

PCR "Total WealthStream"

What Does It Do?

PCR’s is changing the way the world’s wealthiest families and their advisors manage and analyze their complex investment data. TotalWealthStreamtm, the company’s award-winning wealth information management platform combines data aggregated from over 400 custodians with alternative transactions curated from the investor communications of almost 3,000 managers. Over $250B in assets are delivered to their reporting, accounting, risk management and analytics platforms daily.

What makes your company or product great?

We combine over a decade of experience serving UHNW advisors with a newly conceived data aggregation platform built to satisfy the toughest global data sharing regulations.

TOTAL WEALTH STREAM provides UHNW Advisors and Family Offices a platform to safely and efficiently manage the entitlement, acquisition, normalization, storage, and delivery of a single source of truth to all their reporting, accounting, risk and other systems.

We have never used credential sharing in our processes and have relied only formal letters of authorization to obtain client consent to share data. TOTAL WEALTH STREAM goes further with first digital letter of authorization process that is faster, more secure and a produces better client experience.

All aggregators handle electronic files from custodians. None operationalizes investor level aggregation from statement accounts such as hedge funds. 50% of the assets we aggregate come from these illiquid investments. TOTAL WEALTH STREAM implements sophisticated document robotics and quality processes to automate a large portion of these accounts. But when there is a problem trained financial analysts are available to interpret manager reported information and resolve issues.

A core tenent of GDPR is "security by design". All the other data aggregation and management platforms pre-date this charter and its guiding principals. Total Wealth Stream incorporates every aspect of data subject management, jurisdictional awareness, data classification, automated detection of personal data, psuedo traceability and compliance with GDPR

What key challenge does it solve?

For decades the industry has struggled with reliable and efficient data management strategies - warehouses, lakes, islands and free-for-alls. In part because its hard but mostly because the rush to put data to work always trumped the investments in sustainable strategies for automation, quality, governance and importantly the ability to evolve an extensibility model that works. The single largest failure in wealth management projects is the ability to get the data right.

UHNW wealth is complex and in many cases heavily weighted in hard-to-aggregate and hard-to-value illiquid investments. The collection, reconciliation and accounting for these investments has historically been manual, costly and error prone. Most reporting and other vendors do little to help operationalize the management of these illiquid investments that often represent in excess of 50% of a families wealth. The efficient aggregation and normalization of hedge fund, private equity, real estate, business interests and other investments is critical to enabling UHNW advisors to benefit from emerging digital innovations.

Best success story?

Check back for more information.

Key Executives:

Adam Carta, COO
Rob Neville, CTO
Brian Shapiro, CPO/CMO
Willima Lichtwald, Head of Sales

Key Customers/Clients:

Major Private Banks, Advisors, Multi-Family Offices and Service Providers trust us to manage client data accross every asset class and deliver this information accurately to their trusted reporting, analytic and operations systems.