In|Vest 2018: Innovations & Digital Transformations in Wealth
In|Vest 2018: Innovations & Digital Transformations in Wealth

Boomers are the new Millennials. 401ks are hot. All the major market leaders are looking for the perfect robo + advisor strategy. No one’s actually executed it.. AI is more than a buzzword, but not yet worthy of the hype. Customer acquisition and engagement are on everyone’s mind. Competing technology models are forcing firms to choose a path—soup-to-nuts solution, or a la carte ordering? Partnerships. Blockchain. Chatbots. Beyond TDFs. Innovation, innovation, innovation.

The wealth management industry is at a crossroads, as industry leaders embrace digital transformation. But embracing and rolling out across customer segments are proving to be two very different challenges.

Now in its fourth year, In|Vest 2018 will bring together the entire wealth management industry – those that serve retail customers, HNW, UHNW, digital advisors, insurance, asset managers, investors, all manners of solution providers, and consultants to debate and uncover the solutions that are working today, and on the horizon.

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    The In|Vest 2018 program is designed to keep you ahead of an ever-changing industry and position you for success during the digital transformation of wealth management. Year after year, the event is an unqualified success, attracting nearly 1,000 executives from the U.S. and abroad. Download the brochure today to learn more.

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Featured Speakers
Featured Speakers
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Schedule at a Glance
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Profit through technology
SoftPak Financial Systems



Company Website:

Questions for SoftPak

Product Name

Universal Rebalancer

What Does It Do?

The Universal Rebalancer uses a pair-wise swapping algorithm to get to optimal results. It's designed to work seamlessly with your systems. This proven technology is currently being used to rebalance thousands of accounts in just minutes while providing electronic trading connectivity to major custodians. Here are just a few of its key features:

• TECHNOLOGY: Our proprietary Pair-Wise Swapping Algorithm is best in the class. This technique guarantees efficient and optimal rebalancing. Highly customizable through various configuration options.

• HOUSEHOLDS: Create households with multiple taxable and non-taxable accounts. Rebalance selective accounts in a household, apply attribute restrictions on any account in a household.

• ATTRIBUTES: Create attribute-based models or accounts, rebalance at attribute level or security level, and efficiently minimize trades. Rebalance selective sleeves.

• RESTRICTIONS: Attribute level restrictions, security level restrictions, share lot level restrictions, sleeve level restrictions in attribute based accounts, account level restrictions in household

• TAX-EFFICIENCY: Harvest gains, harvest losses, rebalance while minimizing taxes, track and utilize YTD realized gains/losses, wash-sale restriction

• MODELING: Comprehensive modeling, create security or attribute based models. create nested multi-level models, create composite or blended models.

• ENHANCED FEATURES: Minimum Trade Size (MTS) at security level, Equivalences with advanced breakdown rules, Comprehensive rounding rules, Transaction cost (buy and sell) at security level.

What makes your company or product great?

SoftPak Financial Systems, Inc. is one of the leading developers of portfolio analytics software – portfolio rebalancing and optimization, risk metrics and performance measurement. Our software currently powers some the largest financial institutions and we've been in FinTech exclusively for over 20 years. Now we are making our proprietary rebalancing software available as a cloud-hosted solution, putting a powerful new tool in the hands of portfolio managers. Universal Rebalancer is one of the first rules-based rebalancing tools to use quadratic programming techniques to bring optimal results based on multiple asset allocation and tax efficiency factors, helping investors substantially save on transaction costs, practice tax efficient rebalancing and lower turnover. It offers comprehensive model management, house-holding with unlimited taxable and tax-deferred accounts.

What key challenge does it solve?

We help our clients automate the task of rebalancing by allowing them to rebalance thousands of accounts at lightning speed – in seconds – and to do it at a level of detail that’s easy and intuitive for both individuals and household accounts. This helps them manage their back-office workload, giving them more time for what they are really there to do, help clients achieve their goals. We’ve also developed an innovative approach to reduce the cost of rebalancing, since this is barrier and key question that comes up especially with high-net worth clients: how often to rebalance, how to minimize taxes, and how to reduce trading costs. We developed a proprietary pair-wise swapping algorithm that produces millions of calculations behind the scenes in seconds to arrive at an optimal solution – which can mean significant tax and transaction cost savings and better asset location optimization between taxable and non-taxable accounts of a household. We also provide reports and analysis that help portfolio managers demonstrate the value of each rebalance, allowing them to explain and package the results.

Best success story?

We have been in the business for over 20 years, but most of our biggest success stories are unknown because our solutions are white-labeled within our clients’ environments. We have helped our clients build highly scalable portfolio rebalancing and optimization software platforms to serve a wide range of RIAs. Most recently, we partnered with one of the most well-known custodian banks in the world to help them do just that.

Key Executives:

Naaz Scheik, CEO and Founder; Narain Das Khatri, Chief Technology Officer; Christopher Stewart, Director Client Relations; Erica Scheik, Chief Marketing Officer

Key Customers/Clients:

• Currently, our clients manage over $500b in AUM through our software and rebalance and optimize hundreds of thousands of accounts every month

• One of our domestic clients has grown their business from a few thousand accounts to now a couple hundred thousand accounts in just over ten years

• Another client is using our white-label solution to process well over a million accounts every month using our software

• 70% of our client base has been working with us for over a decade, an indication of the trust and relationship they have with us, as well as the results we deliver for them

• We respect our clients' privacy and do not disclose their names

Key Investors:

Privately Held