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CogniCor Digital Assistants

Company or product description:

CogniCor’s Virtual Assistants interact with advisors in answering queries, navigating wealth management platforms, identifying relevant forms and performing transactions, thereby allowing advisors to focus on client relationships. Some of the world’s top advisor platforms use CogniCor due to our sophisticated AI and pre-built user journeys customizable for any wealth management platform.

What makes your company or product great?

Its impact on the daily life of wealth management professionals is what makes a CogniCor Virtual Assistant valuable.

Advisors use it to obtain answers to queries, support compliance, navigate wealth management platforms, identify relevant forms and perform transactions with the ease of conversational interactions. Behind the scenes, a combination of machine learning, domain specific knowledge with user journey libraries and distributed content curation makes this possible. Our team’s business knowledge in deployment and driving success for clients make us a good vendor to work with.

What key challenge does it solve?

Key business challenges involve amplifying the productivity of advisors, reducing training time for new advisors, ensuring compliance and satisfying investor expectations in advice delivery. Technology challenges involve curating and distributing knowledge through conversational platforms at a time when products, processes, and regulations are changing rapidly.

What is your best success story?

The largest independent broker-dealer in the US approached CogniCor to solve their challenges in supporting advisors in the field by providing fast and consistent responses to their queries and assisting with task execution. CogniCor deployed the virtual assistant platform, and also trained the client’s dedicated team thereby completing the Phase 1 of the rollout.